No Man is an Island

“No Man Is An Island” is a short poem written by John Donne, beautifully describing the connection between all human beings and stating them as one. Humanity, in this poem, stating that a human being when isolated from others do not thrive.

Human beings necessarily depend on one another. As human beings, we crave community, both on a practical and an emotional level, it’s one of the most valuable things we can find in life. That’s why we’re building a community at PreSale Ventures, and why we believe that what we do can be of real benefit to our members and the wider cryptocurrency community.

The Value of Community

Any community connects you to other people with similar skills, interests, and outlooks. This brings all sorts of practical advantages.

There are the connections you make and the opportunities they provide. For a coding community, that might be collaborating with other programmers on a project. On our platform, it’s connections with other blockchain enthusiastic supporters, experts, and startups, bringing the opportunity to fund the best new cryptocurrencies.

Then there’s the learning. However much you know about a subject, you can always learn more. New skills and techniques. Information you’d missed or forgotten. Hearing about others’ mistakes so that you don’t have to repeat them. Sharing that knowledge is useful and helps to bind a community together. Sharing reviews and opinions, starting discussions on hot topics, having the chance to ask questions, it all binds people together.

A community also gives you greater strength and influence. Whether it’s a political party’s power to sway elections or our ability to get discounts on crypto offerings, you can get more together than you can alone.

The Emotional side of feeling connected

Those practical things are great, but the most powerful draws of community are less tangible. They’re the emotional benefits.

Being part of a community provides you with support. Whether people offer advice, back you up in a crisis, or just cheer you on when you’re facing a moment of doubt, that’s a great thing. It makes it easier to cope with the downs and to reach higher when you’re feeling up. You might not be talking about your feelings, but they’re still there.

One of the reasons why community is so good for this is that it creates a sense of belonging. When you’re part of a community, you know that there are other people like you and that they welcome you. As social animals, that’s great for our mental health.

While the rise of cryptocurrency has been made possible by blockchain’s practical applications, there’s no denying that sense of belonging has added to its popularity. Crypto enthusiasts are a diverse global group with our own language, memes, and even music. When people get into crypto, they get is to feel like a part of something.

For a community to thrive, it needs support. That’s part of why we’re building our platform. By creating one more space that’s all about a shared passion for crypto, we’re providing somewhere our people will know they belong.

The Power of Sharing

Building a community is all about connecting with like minds, and our platform is built to encourage those connections, not just by asking people to talk, but by giving them incentives to do so.

Our community centers around the presale offerings provided by blockchain startups. That means that, straight way, there’s something for members to talk about. They can read up on what each startup is aiming to do and the quality of its offering. They can offer opinions and start a discussion with other crypto enthusiasts. The offerings provide a central talking point.

Those offerings also give a reason for people to share knowledge and expertise. A token will only get launched through the platform if enough people back it. If you’ve got the understanding to explain why you think a token is good, and you want to invest in it, then you need others to join in. That makes it worth sharing your expertise and talking with others.

To further encourage positive discussions, we’ll be rewarding people who write insightful reviews of the offered tokens. Again, it’s a little something to incentivize the conversation. Once people start talking, we’re confident that the connections they make will be rewarding in themselves. But the ability to incentivize what’s best for us is what makes market forces so powerful. It’s a way to give the community an extra boost and reward those who give the most back.

A Place for Growth

For a community to work, it has to be rewarding and it has to grow. We truly believe that the PreSale Ventures platform will promote it. By helping each other to make wise decisions on which tokens to purchase, our members will benefit financially. They’ll also gain all the rewards that come from being in a community.

This will help people to grow both their crypto holdings and their knowledge. Members of the community will become better blockchain investors. That in turn will help us to grow. With each successful launch and each member talking about the benefits, the platform will attract new members. The community will expand and together we’ll grow stronger.

By providing for our members’ crypto needs and wants, we can also provide them with something more — a community. If that sounds like it might be for you, then you can register at our website.

Let’s build something great together.