Blue Sky Ideation

My General Ideas:

New Warm Up Game:

For my warm up game, I mixed together word ball, illogical word ball, and wah! Essentially what they did was one person pointed to another and said a word, the people on the left and right of the person pointed to, say something related to that word that the person said, and then the person in the middle of them (the one originally pointed to) points to someone new and says something completely unrelated. This game actually turned out better than I thought it would, and worked well even though there were only 4 people playing it. It got all of my friends in a good and creative mood and they were laughing by the end of it, all ready to come up with some awesome ideas!

Session Organization:

Convincing a group of friends to spend 2 hours of their time doing something for a class that they aren’t in is one of the hardest tasks. Ever. However, my parents sent me some boy scout popcorn the other day knowing me and my friends love it, so I bribed them with that. The next hardest part was finding a time that worked for everyone. With a ton of involved friends, finding a time where someone doesn’t work, have class, or a club is nearly impossible. This is my group of 4 amazing friends who agreed to help me with this project! They took helping me out VERY seriously (ha…get it cause they are making serious faces) ANYWAYS, on the far left we have Christian, an aerospace engineering student here. He is super into doing sports and activities. Next we have Katie, a Speech Language Hearing Sciences major here. She played volleyball for a good majority of her life, and her obsession with apples is out of this world (which spurred a lot of apple themed ideas later on). Then we have Megan who is also my roommate. She is a pre-med Biology student here who would like to be a pediatric surgeon when she grows up. Megan loves dance and is part of MinnesoTap here on campus. Last but not least we have Audrey. Audrey is a Material Science major here and is minoring in Interdisciplinary Design. She was born in the Philippines, grew up in Singapore, went to highschool in Chicago and now lives here! She also was a coxin for the rowing team here last year! The setting was my apartment and I had them sit on the ground in a circle because normally when my friends and I hangout, we normally end up sitting on the ground anyways so I knew that was where they would be most comfortable. We used the door to our laundry room as a place for the ideas. I used word ball, illogical word ball and wah to warm them up and then introduced my new game, which was kind of a combination of all of them. They thought of ideas for 25 minutes and generated a total of 38 ideas. I used all of the techniques mentioned in lecture by giving them sugar, having them “become” another person, and having them write down random words for the other to use. It was obvious when we needed to stop because I had exhausted all the activities and idea generation had slowed down immensely.

Sorting and Voting:

For the sorting and voting, I had them do the silent vote and then once they were done they named the categories. The final categories ended up being: hands on, unique, accessories, and themed snacks. For the voting, I gave them each 5 purple stickers, 5 yellow stickers and 5 green stickers. The purple stickers were used for the most unique ideas. The yellow stickers were used for the most plausible ideas, and the green stickers were used for favorite ideas. Once we were finished, we evaluated the ones with the yellow stickers on them and picked the most plausible and good, top 10. I went back through later to make sure those were the top 10 that I thought were best for client needs, and indeed they were.

1st Session Top Ideas:

The credit for these ideas is labeled underneath them in order from left to right.

Idea Credit: Audrey, Christian, Megan
Idea Credit: Megan, Katie, Christian
Idea Credit: Christian, Audrey
Idea Credit: Katie, Audrey

How Might We Statement:

I determined that the most important aspect of my third assignment was finding a shaped snack that was also healthy for kids, so for my How Might We statement I used this statement: how might we make snacks engaging for children by being shaped while also being healthy in sight of a parent’s perspective.

My HMW ideas:

Session Results:

I used the same group of people for the second process, so for their break I made them popcorn and they watched an episode of shark tank so they could see some creative projects that people are making these days! This one ended up somehow turning into a competition which was very funny! When told to come up with 12 ideas, my friends thought they had to do it as fast as possible and kept telling each other unencouraging thoughts! Once I told them though that it wasn’t supposed to be competitive they calmed down and helped each other out if someone had a half an idea but needed help finishing it. When they paired off and chose their favorite 8, this also turned into a race of who could write their favorite 8 first. They ran up to the wall pushing each other out of the way, and it was a very different experience than how we do it in class! Below is the final sorting that resulted from this session!

2nd Session Top Ideas:

The credit for these ideas is labeled underneath them in order from left to right.

Idea Credit: Megan, Megan, Katie
Idea Credit: Audrey, Christian
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