Structured Ideation

Substitute (Done with snack of goldfish):

Gopher Shaped Cheese Snacks

Goldfish Shaped Fruit Snacks

Make Packaging have a real fish picture on it

Star Cheese Snacks

Spongebob Themed Goldfish

Make the fish have angry faces instead of happy ones

Change the name to “Yummy Fishies”

Make Goldfish shaped like pretzel sticks

Substitute cheese flavoring for taco seasoning

Make packaging shaped like a Goldfish

Combine (Done with fruit snacks and yogurt):

Yogurt covered fruit snacks

Fruit Snacks that taste like yogurt

Fruit Snacks filled with yogurt

Yogurt with Fruit Snacks on the bottom to mix in

Yogurt that comes in multiple flavors, like fruit snacks

Yogurt that has drops of multiple flavors

Yogurt that comes in a package

Fruit Snacks that come in a bowl

Yogurt Balls that are multi-flavored, such as fruit snacks are

Fruit Strip covered in yogurt

Adapt (Done with Pringles):

Pretzels shaped like pringles

Chex Mix in a tall cylindric container

Pringles that already come pre- “duck-face” ready

Jenga shaped cheese snacks that come in a similar box to pringles but rectangular

Put all chips in a bag that doesn’t have air

Make a big pringles container for chips and then put salsa in a smaller container inside of the bigger container.

Half fruity-Half salty pringle shaped snacks

Stackable crackers and cheese

Make a bowl that is rollable like the pringles container

Put math questions on each pringle, and the next one has the answer

Magnify/Modify (Done with Fruit by the Foot):

Fruit by the 10 Foot

Add a multitude of flavor in one snack

Have it be something that is super large and then you choose portion (fruit by the foot tape)

Add a math question at the beginning and then answer at end

Make the “fruit leather” stronger

Make shapes pop out of the fruit leather

Make it a fruit by the foot “spider” (overlap 4 strips)

Make it actually have measuring lines

Add nutritional value to the “fruit leather”

Use it as a part for a gingerbread house kit

Put to Other Use (Corn Flakes):

Made to make crunchy noise in a movie

Pre Smashed Corn Flakes for Cheesy Potatoes

Wheat Flakes

Vegetable Flakes

Used to set up a trap to catch burglars

Instead of Macaroni art you could have “corn flake art”

Could possibly string and put on a Christmas Tree

Coat parmesan chicken it

Teach kids how to count with them if you colored them

Cover your peep hole with a corn flake

Eliminate (Doritos):

The extra air in the bag could be taken away

What if the Doritos were smaller? Like mini-Doritos

The excess cheese powder is unnecessary

The original flavor doesn’t necessarily need to be labeled as “nacho cheese”

You could remove the extra flavoring all together

You could remove the chip, it’d be like taco powder

You could make the bag a huge Dorito bowl (saving plastic?)

The triangle shape could be not as emphasized on packaging

The curl in the chips is unnecessary

You could split it into chips and powder and people could buy them separately

Reverse/Rearrange (Done with Combos):

Cheese covered pretzels

Cheez-it filled with yogurt

Cheese slice covered in pretzel sticks

Thin Pretzel Sticks with cheese filling

Cheez-it covered cheese

Cheese flavored pretzels

Pretzels filled with Fruit Snacks

Pretzels filled with chocolate

Pretzels covering cheese covering pretzels covering cheese

Cheese covering pretzels covering cheese covering pretzels

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