New Default Search Engine — Dsearch

Nov 25, 2019 · 3 min read

Presearch is excited to announce the launch of a new default search engine,

This new search engine will bring Presearchers and the Presearch community a number of important benefits:

  • Streamlined experience — When you search through Dsearch you will no longer experience the Presearch banner ad
  • Quality results — Results are powered by top traditional search engines
  • Financial sustainability — Revenue generated by ad network ads will fund the project’s fiat needs, while excess revenue will be used to purchase PRE token inventory
  • Ad integration — will soon feature the new Presearch Ads powered by the Presearch Keyword Staking ad platform

The plan is to transition all Presearch users who have not customized their search providers to use Dsearch by default, instead of Google.

Those who wish to continue using Google will be able to do so by visiting the customization section of Presearch ( — scroll down to ‘Homepage Providers’) and choosing the big G.

Dsearch has tested very well with our beta test group, and importantly for international users, will automatically translate results into the user’s local language based on their browser’s language settings and advertiser content based on the country from their IP address.

For those times when you’d like to search with another engine, now you can do so from Dsearch, quickly and easily.

Just click the ‘search with’ menu below the search field:

And then choose a different provider to search on and you’ll be redirected:

At this time, the Dsearch platform is completely separate from and your personalized settings and preferences will not carry over.

This means that your activity on will not be associated with Presearch either. However, due to the use of third-party plugins to provide some results and monetization on Dsearch, it is possible that your search queries may be added to a profile that is used for ad targeting purposes.

If you want truly private search, we suggest setting your default provider to either DuckDuckGo, or the Presearch Engine (

We look forward to your feedback and welcome you to join the Presearch Telegram community at to share your thoughts, suggestions and ideas.


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Presearch is an open, transparent and decentralized search engine — visit for more info

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