So the trade-off system began. I couldn’t always afford to chip in for food, but I could offer labor. I made a proposition: if he paid for all the food (including restaurants), I would do all the dishes and all garbage chores. He accepted.
The Slow Dance of Sharing Expenses
Brit McGinnis

This is a great idea and new to me. I never thought about it this way. The only one that came to my mind when I was talking to my boyfriend about money and him helping me in different situations was me giving him the money back in time. But I guess it is not to be trusted, since it doesn’t have a clear expiration date.

Also, you said that people talked about this way of seeing things. How do you manage to get over those kind of discussions? I always find myself in front of people explaining me how I should live my life and I seem to be unable to give a decent response.

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