End Time Message Ministries Spreading The Word Of Truth All Around

Spirituality and faith in God have been the topics of mere interest for almost everyone of us because no matter how much sophisticated and modern lives we all tend to live but from within we are not so satisfied beings of the almighty and for achieving the states of real satisfaction- our inner souls crave for a path of true peace and real contentment. That true peace and real contentment is provided by the faith that we have on the almighty that no matter what happens or no matter how we behave in this almighty’s world- that supreme being will always be blessing us with his blissful showers of happiness and contentment. Passing times have given rise to many religions in the world but all of them together lead to the path of spirituality that ends to a stage where our supreme- being God is waiting for his children. Not everyone in the world is able to understand this message of unity with God so well and this is the reason that saints, priests, fathers in church, gurus etc come into existence for spreading the true messages from the almighty and enlightening the spirits of the followers.

End time message ministry is also based on one such mission of spreading the word of truth in the hearts of people following Christianity with all their hearts and souls and for this mission this ministry has translated more than 40 sermons of Branham and has led to the foundation of 4 churches in Turkey along with enlightening the inner souls of thousands of people by distributing thousands of Bibles. They have also led a large number of Muslims to Christ and have made them follow Christianity by showing them the real path towards God. Besides all of the above, their real mission is to spread the end time message from Bible in the hearts of people who believe blindly on God. These end time message ministries are the ministries of a foundation known as Rising of the Sun which is completely dedicated to bowing the seeds of spirituality or furtherance of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in the hearts of people.
All these end time message ministries are non- denominational in nature whose church was established in 1994 and till now they have managed to get blessed with a total of 100 committed and dedicated believers of Christianity. Doing so much of positive and helping deeds also has not made them get even touched with the feeling of ego or self- admiration- instead they focus on believing that God has chosen them for helping the lives of his other children on Earth and this only keeps them going far beyond on the paths of being true humans. They have preached their teachings in different parts of the country along with distributing the books of their teachings in different languages and that too at free- of- cost as they do not believe in charging for spiritual help or humanity.

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