In the real world, It’s always harder than you imagined.

Early last year, I woke up to some amazing idea about starting an interesting project on campus, one that is centered entirely around students. For three reasons, I promised myself I was going to make this work.

  1. I really wanted to do something for the first time ever.

I always had the habit of talking and not executing. I could inhabit ideas and talk about how awesome they would come through over and over without getting tired and yet still not take action.

2. The fun in the journey.

Winning isn’t always everything, but wanting to win is.

I thought, what if this doesn’t come out fine in the end? I could derive satisfaction from the fun in executing an idea in the real world for the first time. I could count my losses and still be cool, besides I’d learn a thing or two.

3. Making real money.

I really could make something HUGE out of this, because why not? o boy!, I was WRONG!


Never ever say you can’t even when mathematics still say you can.

Starting a project on paper is pretty easy if you are already good at planning, but transferring paperwork to reality is hard. On paper, mathematics and statistics tells you that you can pull it off, but in the real world its much more than just that. Barely, an hour into the project I already mentioned giving up thrice.

  1. Making money will mostly be in the later part, don’t give up.
  2. Its weakening when its all fun and you’re losing.
  3. Only about 10% (in my case 17%) of your target customers will open their wallets.
  4. Marketing is a skill. An amazing skill.
  5. Its hard to measure individual work in a team where everybody does the same function.
  6. Some customers are never worth the headache they bring along, no matter how much they pay you.
  7. There are always lessons to learn.