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The 28 Days of Unsocial Media

Raw recounts from the month without social media

Day 1:

6:45am Burning desire to check on my Instagram feed when I woke up because I just posted a picture the night before.

7:45am Felt the urge to tweet while onboard train about how it was always intriguing how newspapers tried to explain cyber security concepts.

7:10pm Due to muscle memory, accidentally opened the Instagram app while having dinner. Closed it immediately.

8:15pm Opened Instagram again without thinking but closed it immediately.

Day 2:

7:30pm Started listening to a new Spotify playlist “K-Indie Picks” and felt the urge to tweet about my new found enjoyment of Korean music.

8:20pm Opened Instagram and scrolled though for almost a full 5 seconds before realising 😢.

8:25pm Can’t believed I just opened Twitter for a good 3 seconds unknowingly.

Day 4:

9:50pm Accidentally opened Instagram. These accidents becoming less frequent now.

Day 7:

3:00pm Just saw an elderly man wearing a pair of AirPods which looked ridiculous. Resisting the urge to tweet about it 😂.

6.10pm Felt like tweeting about the wonders of having a separate work phone. Decided to write an article about it on Medium instead.

Day 8:

9:50pm Felt like tweeting that videography is so much harder than photography, yet it’s still more fun to do.

Day 15:

11:00pm Felt like tweeting about my progress about not using social media for 15 days. How ironic!

Day 19:

1:30pm Almost opened Instagram to check out what my friends were up to.

1:40pm Just opened Twitter without even thinking twice…

Day 23:

2:00pm Have been opening Twitter and Instagram just to clear the badge count icon display. No temptation at all to scroll through the feed 👍.

Day 28:

10:00pm Signing off from this 28-day journey with no regrets ✨.

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