M.G. Siegler

M.G. Siegler I just remembered this piece and thought you’d like my new project, “Morning Short”. We curate short stories and send out one story every morning, at 10 AM.

It took off right away, and we’ve already got 1,500 subscribers and a 50%+ open rate each morning.

Our goal is to help busy people read more fiction.

This stems from my own experience. I never read fiction (when I didn’t have to for school) because I never had enough time to invest in a long book. I would have a busy week and then come back and not remember the plot of the book. Short stories turned out to be my solution. I could read one everyday, and if I missed a day it didn’t require work to catch up. Plus, short stories are just amazing.

I’d love to talk to you more about this.

  • Michael
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