This $600M Company Has a Spelling Error On Its Landing page

When your startup is valued at $600 Million, I imagine you’re doing something right. For this $600 Million startup, spell-checking is not that thing.

Apptio is listed online as a $600 million company, and has raised $135 million from investors. For all I know they could be a wonderful company selling an incredible product and minting money. That’s not what the landing page they PAY to be the #1 search result for their company told me though.

Take a look at this page and tell me if you see the big problem

Notice it? Here’s a closeup.

They forgot a space. Easy to do, but somebody should have caught this given that this is their #1 Search result, and they’re paying to show this to potential customers. It’s literally the first sentence of their massive block of text. If I were an enterprise customer, and this was my first impression of the company, I would run for the hills.

That isn’t even the page’s only problem.

This landing page is a mess of text and jargon. It is the polar opposite of clean.

Can you tell me what “Technology Business Management SaaS applications designed to manage the business of IT” actually translates into as a product?

The next sentence is less jargon-y, but still not very helpful.

“We can help you reduce IT spending, improve the investment portfolio, streamline annual planning, accelerate decision-making and more.”

Seriously. You have $130 million. You can pay for spellcheck. And a decent landing page.😠

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