Herbert Gutman, is a white man that died in 1985 and conducted his research in the 60s and 70s. It is not hard to recognize that racism and bias could play a large role in the “studies” conducted by sociologists during this time.
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Kayla Renee Parker

This seems like a rather racist assumption. The race of an academic isn’t the sole determinant of his research output.

I don’t know how much research you did into Gutman, but he spent the latter part of his life teaching at historically black colleges.

One of his seminal works was a critique of the way academics paved over some of the social destruction of slavery. Sure, a number of academics “whitewashed” slavery during that time period, but individuals aren’t defined by their time period, or their race. From the brief research I did, I reached a conclusion exactly opposite of the conclusion you reached on him, and I think you’ve done a disservice to his legacy.