The last time I was talking to a gentleman who felt that he has been left behind, he needs money to marry, he needs money to rent or buy a house, he needs money to buy a car, and he needs money to start a business of his own. He needs money to take care of his siblings and do many other things.

I looked at a young man who felt disappointed in himself that he can't even do anything concrete to support his girlfriend. After 4 years in the university he has written applications upon applications but nothing seems to be coming out of his efforts.

As a leader, I hear such stories on daily basis.
There was a time I asked a gentleman what he would use Ghc 100,000.00 for if he were to be given that. This was after listening to him laments over lack of money for a number of minutes.
He replied, "I will buy a car, get my friends and organize a party for our girlfriends. I will also go on a 3 month holiday with my girlfriend in Dubai". I looked at a seemingly 'confused and aimlessly' young man who doesn't have clear vision for his life.
I gave him this response, "You see, God is like a father who loves his underage child so much and will do just anything to make him/her happy. But He knows that if He should give His car to the underage child, he/she can't drive it, because he/she isn't prepared/developed mentally, psychologically, emotionally and physically to drive. So this father will prefer to let the child commute in public transport if he can't drive the child by himself to school. This is out of extraordinary love for the child. He would prefer this to having the beloved child crush to death driving".

Those of you who are my friends here and outside here, truth is that I know some of the things mentioned above are very important to almost every young person at a point in time. It is really frustrating to be seen as 'useless' after many years of struggle climbing the educational ladder just to realize that the world is not what was painted to you.
I am naturally not good at looking at the negative sides of life. I believe there is an unseen hand that works in our lives.

As a Christian I believe in perfect timing, I believe God rules in the affairs of men, and for the fact that today you don't have what you want doesn't mean you won't have it tomorrow.

I believe God loves us so much that He will give us the best but only when we are fully prepared psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically to handle the best.

I believe God will see everyone through, and when He sees you through, please don’t forget Him.

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