By now you might have realized that on your journey of life you have met different people who have played different roles in your life.

All the people you have met have helped you indirectly or directly to be where you are today either by trying to attain their personal interest using you or by helping you directly get to where you are.

By now you might have realized that there were people who thought that they wanted to make you feel bad about yourself but in the process they made you stood out of the crow. Others might also deny support to reach certain levels in life but in the process of doing that they have thought you not to ever rely on anyone.

Well, on this journey call life, we shall meet different people at different places, time and under different circumstances or on different occasions.

I know by now you also know that no two people are alike, no matter what there will be difference in behaviour, in how they look at situations at different times or in their faith.

For instance in your school or workplace you might have met colleagues who want you to succeed at all cost while others through their actions indirectly want you to fail.

Simply put, we have different people in our lives who are unique in different ways, who have different interests for which reasons they still hang around, they also have different missions to accomplish in our lives.

For instance, on social media, it is not everyone who is your friend or who follows your activities that want you to succeed.
Some are following because they have bet with themselves or other people that you will fail so they are waiting to hear the news and report back or all they want is bad news concerning you so that they can sarcastically write, "sorry for you" but behind the word 'sorry', they truly meant it serves you right.
That is one of the reasons why no matter what you write or say on your wall others will never say a thing or react in any form, they have become spectators on your list of friends.
I must be quick to add that there are a number of people who won't react to your posts simply because of ego and selfish reasons. To this category, they should be doing what you are doing or they should have been at where you are so anything about you isn't their priority as far as it is a good thing or better still they are too 'big/busy', to comment on your wall.

Others too want you to truly succeed in life so they will pray for you, push you hard, advise you, cry with you, smile/laugh with you and always over the moon when you chalk any success. To some of these people your success meant well to them than to yourself.

You still have no choice than to appreciate the role all these people play in your life because some of the things you have achieved is due to the fact that some of them never wanted you to achieve that. They challenged you to work hard with the intention to prove them wrong. They have taught you to fight your battles all alone.

On the other hand, there were some decisions you took that backfired simply because you listened to some of the most cherished people in your life. They meant well but things didn't just go the way you all expected.

Whatever it is, always remember that we have different people in our lives, they have different interests and missions.
Just appreciate everyone for the roles they are playing in your life's journey, continue to work hard, keep the fighting spirit on, stay focus, as far as God is on your side, one day, it will all end in praise.
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Have a Blessed Week!!

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