Sixty years in the life of an individual, organization or a country is no mere achievement.
As the first country to attain independence in sub Saharan Africa, we set out to build our country in every facet so that everyone will enjoy from the pot of wealth inherited from our colonial masters. Since then we have set out to collectively and individually do our parts towards building a country where equal opportunities are given to all regardless of their tribe, age, sex, status, religious beliefs or political affiliation.
We were full of hope perhaps than today and set out to build a country that will proceed on the path of integrity and to selflessly guard and protect our collective interest and build a nation that will outlive many generations.
Unfortunately for us, we have not been able to sail safely ashore the ship of economic, cultural and social emancipation as envisaged.

Issues of gender inequality, poverty, unemployment, parochial interest, bribery and corruption among others have been with us.
While we wished we had done better, we cannot underestimate the gains we have made. Of course we cannot reach where we want to reach if we don't appreciate and celebrate where we have come from and what we have achieved.

To all Ghanaians especially the youth, we have to be up in arms and build our dear country regardless of the differences in opinions and ideologies. We may not agree on which political party, leader or group of individuals who should steer our affairs at different points in time, but like our forefathers, we cannot disagree on the importance of building a country that can support the dreams and aspirations of all of us as well as the importance of bequeathing to the next generation a nation that prospers and creates equal opportunities for all.

As we continue this journey of ours, we must all continuously do our parts by walking side by side in patriotism, hold hands in honesty and with integrity, build our dear country knowing very well that Ghana belongs to all of us and for that matter we cannot disappoint ourselves and generations yet unborn.

Let's march forward and like our founding father, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah proclaim, "Forward Ever, Backwards Never" in thoughts, words and action.

Happy 60th Independence Anniversary to all Ghanaians, as we pray for God to continuously Bless Our Homeland Ghana and make Our Nation Great and Strong!!.

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