The World today is no more about individual efforts, the development of one Continent or country is greatly affected by the other. The decisions of one generation affects many a generation after it.

When the years set for the realization of MDGs was getting to its end with some of the targets achieved and with some missed, there was the need to come out with a comprehensive and well defined goals that will take over from the MDGs.
There comes the SDGs. The SDGS unlike the MDGS have a high level of synergy, it is also in synch with the general aspirations, desires and wishes of the global community towards the development of humanity.

Of course, without goals, workable goals backed by concrete policies, plans and programs that are put together internationally, regionally and locally and accepted at every level, our thoughts towards a better world will remain just a wishful thinking thereby making our ability to finding solutions to global challenges such as hunger, poverty, under-education, underdevelopment, gender inequality, peace and justice, good jobs and economic growth, climate action, good health among others remain but a mirage.
The world today has brought us closer than the eye can see. Technology as well as bilateral, multilateral and other forms of cooperation are at the core of building a world that is better for all regardless of geographical location, gender, sexual orientation, status, creed, religious belief, age etc.

But then again, we must know that there can be no better people without a better world because all men are products of the world.

We all have within our collective and individual powers to make the world a better place.

We don't necessarily need to hold elected positions to do that, we don't need all the resources in the world to do that. All we need is a good and selfless heart to continuously work in our little corners with the ultimate good faith, desire, hope and the foremost priority of improving upon the current gains we have made, and with that too we can be sure of making the world a better place not just for ourselves but also generations yet unborn.
Friends and colleagues, as SDG Ambassadors, until we are able to own these goals and wake up everyday to educate others as well as provide whichever form of support we can towards their realization we will just wake up one day just to realize that 2030 is here with us.

The SDGs are not just Global Goals, they are Global Humanitarian Actions that all of us regardless of what we do must not just advocate for but most importantly work towards.

2030 is far but it is not far depending on how you look at it.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you do, endeavor to take action, no matter how small such an action may be and with the Global Goals, we shall build a Better World for a Better People.

NB: The Above is an Excerpt from the interaction I had with a section of GIMUN 2017 SDG Ambassadors on Friday 6th January, 2017 on the theme; Global Goals! Better People!!
Pictures were taken on the same day during the closing ceremony and awards night of the same program.

This year, one of our goals at Institute of Mentorship and Leadership Training (IMLT) is to educate as many young people as we can on their roles towards the attainment of the SDGs.

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