No amount of words can bring you back to life.
We never bargained for this and I believe you never bargained for this either but death came to steal you unaware.

There can never be any other Maxwell like you, there can never be any other alumnus of University of Ghana like you, there can never be any other friend like you, there can never be any other brother, husband, father and comrade like you and can there ever be any soldier like you?.

You have paid your due at an early age as if you knew you will depart from this earth soon. You have achieved what others could only achieve at the age of 60 at an arguably early age.
To some of us, you have taught us hard work, to others humility, to others mercy, to others good and selfless leadership, to others peace, to others patience, to others sacrifice, to others civility, to others contentment, to others a lesson that life doesn’t begin at 40, to others forgiveness and to all of us patriotism and nationalism.

One man with all these virtues and attributes? Such a gem, who can find? We can never find a replacement for you Sir but we will be consoled by the fact you are needed in heaven to lead the heavenly armies of God.

Senior, Major Maxwell Adam Mahama we love you but God loves you most.
Rest on on soldier, Rest on.

Prosper Dzitse, in memory of late Major Maxwell Adam Mahama, a national hero who died through mob injustice on the 29th of May, 2017.

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