It feels good to have people who believe in us, care about us, support us, encourage us, pray for us love us, and hope for a better future for us.

What of when such people hurt, betray or disappoint us? You feel bad/terrible right?, how then do you overcome such a feeling?

As far as we are social, psychological and emotional beings, people will hurt us, it is not every action that will be in our favour.

We have all been to the point where we trust someone so much that we thought all our secrets are safe with them, we thought after talking to them everything will be alright, all our problems will be solved.
Sometimes all you need is a reassurance that they are listening to you, or as they provide their shoulder for you to cry on, it is being done out of sincere heart.

We sometimes realize that all these were not to be, this is where our disappointment sets in. Sometimes we realize that the love we have for them is quickly replaced by hatred. We feel so let down that we sometimes vow never to forgive such people. We set out to work hard to prove them wrong. They sometimes become our reason for wanting to attain certain aims in life. But is this the best solution? NO.

When somebody hurts you, they take a power out of you, when you don't forgive them, they keep that power and control how you feel about them within you anytime you see them or hear of them.
But when you forgive them, you take your power back.

In this life, people will hurt you, they will hate you, they will torment you, they will try to make you feel inferior, just don't hold it against them because when you do, you will be the one feeling the pain.
When they see you happy, they will be surprised of how strong a person you are to quickly let go. 
Just let go the hatred and let go the hurt.

People ask me why I am always happy, well I have been disappointed severally, I have been hurt severally, I have been undermined severally, I have cried many times, sometimes all alone, at other times in the presence of a trusted friend or a family member but in all, I am my own hero, I look up to God and myself and quickly move on anytime I am down because I have learnt to appreciate the fact that there is much power in forgiveness.

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