Holidays are Best Spent in Serviced Apartments

Holiday seasons are the best times to celebrate with family and friends or even just with yourself. For many London residents, they love visiting family and friends on the other sides of town in order to go see and admire the tourist attractions that their city has to offer. Many people usually consider staying in hotels for the holidays, while others stay in Aparthotels in Kensington. Holiday Apartments in London are relatively easy to find, especially during the holidays, as many of them advertise special holiday discounts. While hotels are the usual choices for holiday goers to stay, these usually offer overall higher rates than serviced apartments. Serviced apartments are usually fully furnished structures for either short-term or long-term stay.

Serviced apartments are a lot more spacious than most hotel rooms, providing an edge over the smaller and more relatively expensive hotel rooms. Also, privacy and security are ensured, especially for much-needed quality time for family or friends to get together. Many also charge per room, not per person as many hotels tend to do. Apartment guests may also prepare their own meals in the comfort of the apartments instead of having to order from expensive hotel catering or even delivery. However, some serviced apartments do offer catering. Moving in a serviced apartments London is very easy, as these are usually fully-furnished, so what one has to do is only to put down their belongings then relax. As for sleeping space, serviced apartments usually come with beds and guests may even request for additional sofa beds or single beds for additional guests to sleep in. Most also come with multi entertainment systems such as television with satellite and even cable access, DVD players and high speed fibre optic Wi-Fi Internet connections for entertaining friends and family members of all ages.

Holiday Apartments London are usually strategically located near tourist areas, with some Aparthotels in Kensington located near the Museum Quarter and theatres with the likes of the Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Albert and Victoria Museum and the Royal Albert Hall which are usually top destinations for holiday travellers. Many of these are also located near large shopping centres such as Harrods and Piccadilly, which are places many family members and friends go to in order to shop and hang out. The concierge may also give information on nearby restaurants for special get-togethers and even public transportation.

Many serviced apartments offer discounts for weekend and long term stays, with some reaching as much as 15 percent off if you’ll be staying long enough. They also offer discounts during holidays such as Christmas and even Valentine’s Day, usually with added perks and gifts such as free chocolate, wine and others, ensuring the utmost comfort for you and for your loved ones. Discounts may also be availed of when you book an apartment in advance, and the length of time depends on the serviced apartment establishment. So, get your family and friends to spend time together soon and book early.