Hotel-Like Apartment Living

A serviced apartment is a fully-furnished and spacious apartment that can cater to the needs of travellers, business executives and even holiday travellers looking for a good place to stay for either short-term or long-term periods of time. It is a better alternative to hotels as it offers a more spacious living area at practically the same price, and even offers discounts for longer stays. In the heart of London, finding a good place to stay in for a cost efficient price is crucial, so Serviced Apartments Earls Court are worth checking out. In considering the location of your serviced apartments, it must accessible to all the hotspots and public transportation in London. Places like Serviced Apartments Earls Court and Serviced Apartments Kensington are located 5 minutes from Westfield, a 3 minute walk from Earl’s Court underground station, have transport links to tourist attractions such as the Albert & Victoria Museum, Royal Albert Hall, Harrods and Piccadilly.

In the living areas, one can enjoy more space, flexibility as well as more freedom, such as being able to prepare your own meals in the comfort of the serviced apartment. However, ready-made food may be ordered through catering, if available. Also, one must consider access to services such as supermarkets, schools, businesses and other places. In serviced apartments, privacy and safety are ensured by on-site security personnel, CCTV’s and safety deposit boxes in all rooms. The serviced apartments’ concierge may also be a valuable asset not just for the services they provide, but also for information regarding the neighbourhood such as nearby restaurants, theatres and transportation. The rooms may come in different forms, but are mostly studio and suite type apartments, with bedrooms containing king sized beds, single beds or even sofa beds, and all have fully equipped kitchens, washing machines and entertainment systems with television and high speed Wi-Fi. Many of the Serviced Apartments Kensington also offer welcome packs for their guests which contain manuals, important contact numbers and beverages such as water, tea or coffee. Almost all serviced apartments are air-conditioned as well to be able to provide maximum comfort. If you come travelling with a car, inquire as to the availability of parking spaces either on the apartment grounds or ones that can be found in the community.

As for the rates, serviced apartments offer terms on both short-term and long-term stays unlike hotels which only sign you up for a long term stay only when you have stayed for long enough. Discounts are usually available for long-term stays and for earlier booking. Some even offer discounts during holidays and weekends, making your money go a long way. Since these apartments are also fully furnished, they already come with appliances and furniture as if moving in to a new, unfurnished apartment. You only need your essential belongings, some food and you are ready to live well. You can bring along friends and family for your stays.