Serviced Apartments, Your Home Away from Home

Finding a suitable place to stay is important for travellers and immigrants who have come to settle in Central London. Some opt to stay in hotels or hostels until they finally find a suitable place to settle in permanently. However, hotel stays are usually expensive, especially for a travelling family with rates per person. Hostels are also not for everyone, as the openness and lack of privacy may be uncomfortable for some. Instead, one ought to consider serviced apartments, which is a more cost-efficient and comfortable alternative to hotels and hostels.

There are many Serviced Apartments in Central London, and one only needs to look around and look well. Unlike hotels, serviced apartments charge per room, not per person, so it means a family of four need not worry to pay according to their head count. Serviced apartments are also all fully-furnished, with well-equipped kitchens, stocked bathrooms and bedrooms. This is so that guests need not to go out and buy equipment and toiletries as if one has just moved into a brand new apartment. Also, visitors may prepare their own food in the apartment, and they only need to buy the necessary groceries. However, there are Self Catering Apartments in London which deliver ready-made food to your apartment doorstep for a special fee. Serviced apartments also prize themselves in ensuring comfortable stays rivalling that of hotels such as 24/7 security, CCTVs, safety deposit boxes in all apartments and professionally trained concierge who are happily willing to cater to your needs whenever you may need them. Cleanliness is also a primary priority for these establishments, as many offer room cleaning services every weekday as well as a change of linens and bath towels once or twice a week.

Many Serviced Apartments in Central London also take pride in being virtually accessible to the best restaurants in town, the hottest shopping centres, London’s famous tourist spots as well as the city’s public transportation systems. Some are even just a short stroll away from these notable places and services. Still, guests ought to familiarize themselves with the locations of the local supermarket, medical facilities, and other neighbourhoods just to be on the safe side.

Aside from being more spacious than hotel rooms, serviced apartments also come in many forms such as suites and studio apartments. While some of these establishments generally allow many guests, others have limits as to the maximum number of people who can stay in one apartment, but for others, movable sofa beds can just be requested and then reeled in for some visiting guests. Self Catering Apartments London may also offer extra food at the request of the renter.

In order to save even more money, one ought to research about the special offers and discounts which many serviced apartments in your target area is promoting. Some may offer discounts as large as 15 percent for advanced booking, while others offer discounts on holidays and weekends, still others provide discounts for long-term stays which are definitely worth it.