Travel Storytelling Workshop at Sayla (Gujarat)

ZeNLP based Storytelling Workshop on Sunday,26th November’2018 at Bell Guest House, Sayla…

ZeNLP story-telling workshop “Learning through Stories” on 26th November’2018 (Sunday)

Why this Workshop?:

A well told story has the ability to stir emotions, trigger ideas and conjure images that will last a lifetime. Storytelling is such an enjoyable process, that it is important for today’s teachers.

Who will benefit?:

Middle to Senior Level teachers who are leading teams comprising of highly skilled teachers will particularly benefit from this NLP based workshop. Doctors, Teachers, Trainers and HRD team members will gain cutting edge knowledge in managing and motivating teams. School Principals will find NLP particularly beneficial for motivating teachers through team-work exercises. CEO’s, directors and entrepreuners will benefit most from this one-day workshop. The Contents: This international level training programme is cutomised to HIT the soft spots in your Training Calendar. It seeks to give top achievers the EXTRA edge they need for quick success. This NLP workshop works on hardwiring your communication skills and generating RESULTS. Vibrant stories will be peppered with LCD presentations, live action simulation exercises, role playing and inspiring stories.

The Objectives:

Stories are powerful training tools. It is the oldest form of communication we know as humans. Wisdom was passed on in the form of stories for several generations until we became enveloped by technology and information was measured in kilobytes. With this access to data, today’s people often stop ,wondering about the world they inhabit. Yet, when a story is told in an engaging manner, they listen. Spellbound. Regardless of age. By narrating stories to today’s people, we can pass on essential skills and enable them to develop managerial skills. Most importantly, we ensure that the tradition of storytelling is kept alive. “ Storytelling creates stronger inter-personal ties among teams. today’s teachers must learn through stories. By telling and listening to stories, They draw tremendous strength from stories about adversity, loss and success that have taken place in their organisations”. This Workshop is an amalgamation of reading, writing, listening and speaking. When a manager reads a story from our book to retell it, he or she learns how to analyze its parts, look for hidden meaning in the metaphors, imagine the characters and their traits, reproduce in his/her own words, build sequence, memory and confident articulation.

What workshop participants will receive?:

One copy of our book, “Learning through Stories”

Workshop Date: 25th and 26th November’2018 (Sunday)

Time: 6 p.m. on Saturday to 6 p.m. on Sunday(with a one hour break each for breakfast/lunch/dinner) Includes one night’s stay with all vegan meals for two persons on twin sharing basis.

The Venue: Bell Guest House, Sayla

Fee: Rs. 9000/- per participant (inclusive of vegan breakfast/lunch/dinner/herbal infusion and book)

The Diet:

Participants will be served special ZeNLP herbal infusion and ZeNLP diet also known as High Power Vegan Diet throughout the duration of the workshop.

How can you learn through stories?:

“Stories teach us how to engage. When a story is told, the audience is a part of the story.”Stories drives away inhibition” Mistakes are accepted because stories teach us how to quickly improvise and move on. Stories are a lot of fun.

Whether its a touching real life experience, or a tall tale, a fable or a myth, stories open up the imagination of the reader. This can be a hugely enjoyable process, regardless of the end objective. Stories are told for fun as much as they are told to send home a message. Stories cannot be bad for anyone! Keeping in mind all the above,we have designed this one day workshop titled “Learning through Stories” that will create and nurture today’s teachers and coach them to become performers, The workshop will achieve this through fun, yet structured, activities that involve listening, speaking, reading and writing, it will also teach teachers techniques such as visualization, voice modulation, body language and expression. In the end, participants narrate stories that they have learnt during the workshop. Period.

About the trainer: Author of three Internationally Selling Books on ZeNLP

The Butterfly Story:

One day a child goes to his mother and asks her, “ Ma, who is that old man sitting on the mountain? “ Mother answers, “ Don’t call him an old man, for he is Lord Lord Shiva, who knows the answer to every question in this universe. “ “ Really, he knows answers to all questions? “ asks the child. “ Yes my dear “ replies the mother. The child goes to the mountain where Lord Shiva is meditating, catches a butterfly in from the garden, and cupping the butterfly gently in his hands, he aproaches Lord Shiva. Keeping his hand behind his back, he asks Lord Shiva, “ Is the thing in my hand alive or dead? “ The child thinks that if Lord Shiva answers that the thing is alive, he will crush the butterfly in his hand and show the dead butterfly proving Lord Shiva wrong. And if Lord Shiva answers that the thing is dead, he will open his gently cupped hand, allowing the butterfly to fly away showing that the butterfly was alive and again proving Lord Shiva wrong. Thus Lord Shiva did not know the answer to all questions. “ Is the thing in my hand alive or dead? “ repeats the eager child. The Lord Shiva opens his eyes, nods his head and replies, “ My dear son, the answer lies in your hands! “ Just send a message now.

How to register for this Workshop*?:

Call** or SMS** +919998054731

Just send SMS** or WhatsApp** to +917436009084 with HOW2PAY9000_TODAY*

*limited seats available on first come basis

** Early bird offer for first 10 respondents by Phone/Whatsapp/SMS