We are Seervision: Damian Frick

In our series “We are Seervision” our employees introduce themselves and give a small insight into our growing company. This time: Damian Frick, VP of Engineering

I am one of the lead engineers and “oversee” the areas of Control and Perception. I try to make sure that in those areas we are developing the right solutions for the right problems in the right way. I also write code for our system, wherever it is needed. Besides that, I am, together with our CTO Reto, managing our hardware development efforts. This includes creating and validating specifications for hard- and firmware, feasibility analysis, down to writing software for embedded hardware.

I joined Seervision in October of 2018, so about half a year now.

I was doing a PhD on numerical optimization methods for control at the Automatic Control Laboratory of ETH Zurich, the same laboratory out of which Seervision came into existence. I even shared an office with our CEO Nikos during the first few years of my PhD. In 2018, when I was finishing my PhD, Nikos tried to recruit me a few times but I was trying to found my own company and declined. He then offered to hire me part-time and while considering this, I realized that in founding my own company I was just trying to create the kind of job for myself that Nikos was offering me. So I went back and asked him for a full-time position and he accepted.

I get to the office early to get in a few hours of quiet, concentrated work, where I do planning and try to write some code. I usually start by checking Jira, our software development tool to see whether the there are any issues that need special attention that day and make sure we have the right priorities. On some days I have a quick chat with Nikos to clarify our priorities. Once more people start to arrive, I check in with the developers working on crucial issues, to make sure we are all aligned and to see what I can do to support them. From then on the day usually stops being typical and I try to balance making progress on the topics I am working on, helping other people achieving their tasks and making sure administrative and managerial duties are not neglected. On a good day, I leave at 6pm, knowing that we are on track for this (or the next) week’s goals. On other days, I stay until 9–10pm troubleshooting an issue with some of our seasoned engineers.

“We are currently discussing a few pilot projects with partners in sports productions that I am sure will completely change the industry.”

We have a lot of untapped potential. I am really looking forward to pushing our system to new limits, implementing advanced control and perception algorithms to enable new use cases, and just making our solution more awesome overall.

I have to say “The Wire” and “The West Wing” are just unparalleled classics. For my third, I have a soft spot for “Farscape” a great and weird sci-fi show.

This is a hard one. I don’t think I can give you a top 3. Instead, here are three random of my top 10 movies: “Snatch”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Mad Max: Fury Road”.

It’s exciting! We have a great team and everyday poses new challenges and gives me the opportunity to have a direct impact on almost all aspects of Seervision’s progress.

I am simply excited about making our solution as robust, reliable and user-friendly as we possibly can. If we can implement some great features along the way that make our system even easier and more “hands-off” to use, then all the better.

I enjoy reading good books (fiction!), cooking and just spending time with my wife.

About Seervision

Seervision is a Swiss-based deep-tech company with a clear focus on the professional video and broadcast industry.

They have combined computer vision, machine learning, model predictive control and cinematography. The result is their adaptive motion control technology, which won the “Product of the Year Award” at NAB Las Vegas and the Swiss Technology Award. It transforms any camera into an autonomous camera! The hardware agnostic technology represents a revolutionary change in studio and sports production and leads to consistently high quality at significantly lower production costs.



We make any camera autonomous; inventors of the adaptive motion control for the broadcasting industry