ICYMI: Ethics Complaint Launched Against Paul Chabot

Local resident who filed complaint “offended” by GOP candidate’s dishonesty over financial interests

An Ethics complaint loaded with serious accusations was filed against Republican congressional candidate Paul Chabot. Daniel Rodriguez of Redlands filed the complaint with the House Committee on Ethics shortly after an article in the Press-Enterprise profiled Chabot’s shady personal financial disclosures. This includes a suspicious $50,000 campaign loan, unidentifiable assets and disregarded filing deadlines. The revelation of these financial disclosures has called into question Chabot’s transparency with Inland Empire voters.

In a statement released by the San Bernardino County Democratic Party (SBCDP), Mr. Rodriguez said “After reading the article about how Paul Chabot hasn’t been honest with voters, it offended me. I hope taking this step will get Mr. Chabot to come clean with voters like myself who want our candidates to be straightforward with us.”

Reacting to news of the Ethics complaint, Lou Wasson, spokesperson for Pete Aguilar’s re-election campaign said, “It’s hardly a shock that Paul Chabot’s attempt to conceal his financial interests from the public has resulted in an Ethics complaint against him. This Ethics complaint against Mr. Chabot is a clear sign that Inland Empire residents will not tolerate his refusal to explain the shady campaign funds, missed filing deadlines and unreported assets.”

The SBCDP’s full release detailing the Ethics complaint can be read here. Jeff Horseman’s coverage in the Press-Enterprise of Mr. Chabot’s financial interests can be read here.

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