Growing up Chicana in Morenci, Arizona

Thursday Oct. 16 2015 saw the end of Hispanic Heritage Month at GCC with the presenation “Growing up Chicana in Morenci, Arizona” with special guest Elena Bjorkquist. The event was to take place from 11am to 12pm in SU-104E on campus.
An attentive group filled with GCC students and the general public were treated to griping recants about the oppression and hardships endured by “Chicanas” and fellow “Chicanos” in the mining town of Morenci, Arizona during the early 1900s.
“Growing up in Morenci gave me the values that make me who I am today” Elena Bjorkquist reveals to those in attendance. “I write in my language because that’s a part of who I am” Elena says about writing both in spanish and english.
Elena Bjorkquist proudly poses with “Our Spirit, Our Reality: Celebrating Our Stories” one of many books she has worked on. “The Writing that I've done, is healing” Elena Bjorkiest states on why writing is a salvation to her.