20 Twitter Growth Hacking Tools for Startups

Mar 21, 2016 · 7 min read

Twitter is the third largest social network after Facebook and Instagram. This stems the importance of Twitter to small businesses and startups around the world. Growing a large social media base is difficult on Twitter if you don’t strategize well, and use the right tools. That’s why we have compiled a good number of Twitter tools that will help you hack the growth of your company’s page on the platform:

1. Pay with a Tweet

First, you get your posts or website shared out to as many people as the users who visit your website. This improves the traffic which comes from the clicks on the link that went out with the tweet.

Second, these tweets go out with your twitter handle mentioned. More people get to see your twitter handle, some will come over to check out your twitter profile and others will even follow you.

Third, you eliminate something that would have sent more people away from your website: money. By not asking for money, you get more people to access the information, improve your website traffic and get you more followers. Money is sweet, but for what price? Sometimes in a startup, getting a lot of PR supersedes earning money.

2. Click to Tweet

3. Twilighter

4. Hello Bar

5. Hootsuite/Buffer

By sharing content through such scheduling tools, you stay in constant communication with your twitter followers making them remember you as much as they see you on their timelines.

The informative, interesting and actionable content shared generates more followers.

6. Klear

7. Manage Flitter

Another powerful feature is the application’s ability to tell you when the best time to tweet is. This is when your followers are online. It eliminates a common problem where you could post your tweet but it disappears in the crowd unseen.

You can also follow and unfollow people as well as get your twitter profile’s analytics.

8. Social Rank

With Market Intel, you can compare your followers to your competitor’s, build influencer lists and target filtered twitter handles for your promoted campaigns.

9. Twitter Counter

Furthermore, their audience insights show you how fast your account is growing, who are your new followers and unfollowers, as well as showing you the people that matter the most.

You can compare various accounts (read competitors) to yours, and listen to the conversations that matter most to your company.

10. Bluenod

Hovering on bigger nodes shows you who are the most influential in the hashtag topic and smaller nodes show the least influential and how they are all connected.

You can add the influencers into a particular list, which you can share on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, as well as importing that very list to your twitter account. During events and community building projects, this tool can be very important to show everyone who is talking about your events through the use of the tracked hashtags.

11. Sumall

With better targeting of your audience, you can definitely grow your customer and follower base on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram among other social networks. The auto tweeting feature also enables you to stay in constant contact with your followers.

12. Twitonomy

13. MyTopTweet

14. Twellow

15. TweetReach

16. Mention

17. Twilert

18. Ritetag

19. Hashtagify

20. Commun.it

Have I forgotten any other twitter growth hacking tool you know of? Let me know by reaching out on our Twitter page (@thepressfarm)

Originally published at press.farm on March 21, 2016.


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