Logo Design Trend: Negative Space

Jo Ippen
2 min readSep 14, 2015


You’ve heard about the FedEx Logo. The little arrow, hidden in the negative space between the E and x. Ingenious. It’s just a tiny detail, but something that is incredibly inspiring to designers all over the world. The guys at design shack compiled a nice collection with wordmarks and logomarks that do the same.

Recently, I’ve observed something very similar: Logos that combine simple shapes in a very certain way in the negative space to create a whole new meaning. See for yourself:

Astropad Logo
Github Logo
Lieferando Logo
Mailbox Logo
Spottster Logo
Erento Logo

Personally, I like the cute dog with the helmet from Astropad — the inbox/envelope combination from Mailbox is pretty rad too. Which ones do you like? Any other logos/brands/trademarks I forgot? Let me know in a response — and of course, you should recommend this article after reading.

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