A government proposal to build a media database was cancelled last year amid backlash. Was the alarm justified?

By Rebecca Heilweil

In April of 2018, an online database of government requests for proposals called FedBizOpps posted a solicitation from the Department of Homeland Security. DHS was looking for a media…

AB 5 is meant to penalize abusive employers like Uber, but it could affect many part-time workers — especially women and people of color.

By Rebecca Bodenheimer

Freelance writer Vanessa McGrady is very worried about AB 5, a California bill recently signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom that will…

Facebook, Google and Twitter face pressure to regulate state-funded media ops seeking to game the Internet. But which ones, and how?

By Nithin Coca

As the protests in Hong Kong grew and intensified over the summer, observers on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube began to notice a trend: Chinese state-run media…

Late and missing payments upend lives and deplete the ranks of non-wealthy journalists. Is an organized response underway?

By Tatiana Walk-Morris

Micco Caporale was not blindsided by the difficulties of freelance life. Growing up, her father did contract work for the sets of commercial and independent film projects. When business…

Invisible labor and the undervaluing of cultural criticism in the journalism economy.

By Rebecca Bodenheimer

It’s a difficult time to be a writer. Independent of the type of writing you do, staff jobs are disappearing, mushrooming the ranks of freelancers and creating ever-fiercer competition. …

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