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5 min readJun 29, 2020


Welcome to PressMUSIC — Your Smart Artist Marketing Page + Links!

What is PressMUSIC?

Your Artist Website and Smart Links. Create a bio page showcasing your albums and singles, add streaming links to each page.

Create a Bio Page: Add your photo, social media links, description, custom URL, YouTube video, all in one place.

Create Album or Single: Create an album or single smart link and promote your newest track. Track all the clicks you get.

How to get started.

PressMUSIC, Artist Dashboard
  • Add your profile photo
  • Add your website
  • Customize your SmartURL link
  • Add your social media links
  • Add your artist bio
  • Click +Add Single to add streaming links to your single
  • Click +Add Album to add streaming links to an album

What to expect

Bio Page, Single Page, Album Page
PressMUSIC Full Screens

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is PressMUSIC? A smart website showcasing your albums and/or singles, create smart pages for each song.
  2. Can I create more than one link? Yes, Create and manage one or more artist smart pages from your single dashboard.
  3. Can I track my audience that clicks my link? Yes, you will see the number of clicks on your dashboard.
  4. Can I cancel anytime? Sure. No problem. Your profile will be saved for 30 days and then we will delete it

1. What is a smart link and what is it used for?

There is now a multitude of streaming platforms on which you can play your songs: Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc. However, your listeners are unevenly distributed across all of these platforms which raises several questions:

  • Where can I find the sharing links on the different streaming platforms?
  • What link or links should I share on my social networks to reach the widest possible audience?
  • On which social network are my fans most willing to stream and buy my songs?

With a smart link, links to platforms where you can listen to your music are available on a single page. It takes the form of a promotional page that can be shared and tracked for your music. It is in a way your “business card” as a musician- an essential tool when you are in the promotion phase!

Example of smart links on

On the one hand, this tool saves you a lot of time. No need to share the Spotify, Deezer, or Apple Music links independently. On the other hand, the smart link offers your listeners the possibility to easily choose on which platform they want to listen to and/or download your music and will be able to make their purchases in the right language and currency according to their location.

2. What does a smart link look like?

Smart links are designed to be “responsive” and can, therefore, be adapted to all device formats. In addition to the list of platforms on which your music is available, it is equally possible to add disc purchase links and also elements concerning playlists, upcoming events, and links to your social networks.

3. Analyze your listeners

A smart link is a powerful tool for music marketing because it allows you to:

  • Develop your fanbase by providing people with easy access to your music.
  • Increase your amount of streams and sales.
  • Gather all links to your social networks in one place.

More generally, the smart link also allows you to better understand your fans. Indeed, you have the possibility to obtain valuable information from your fans through data analysis.

It’s not just about making sure your fans listen to your music. A smart link is also a powerful tool to better identify them, discover the platforms they prefer, where they are in the world, and above all, to better manage your marketing strategy. For example, it’s a great way to find out if you need to invest more in a Facebook or Instagram sponsorship campaign.

“Data analysis generated by smart links allows you to know who your fans are and how they discover your music.”

4. A complementary tool for the pre-save function

As stated above, the smart link is the ideal way to boost your streams by giving your fans the opportunity to choose the platform of their choice. In addition, the smart link also allows you to add the pre-save function to boost the visibility of your new titles even before their official release.

5. How do I create a smart link?

There is a multitude of services that allow you to create smart links. Among the most popular in music marketing are, Soundplate, Linkfire, smartURL, Linktree, and They all offer a free service with a basic offer. As far as fee-based packages are concerned, prices and features vary enormously. To learn more, we have prepared a comparative table of these different services so that you can compare and decide the best option for you.