Team Answers Pioneer Community Questions — Part 1: white paper, roadmap, etc.
Apr 26, 2018 · 8 min read

This is to answer the questions brought about by the Pioneer community, which is composed of the fans of There are two parts to all the answers. This is the first one responding about’s white paper, roadmap, marketing, and so-called competitors.

The 2nd part is here.

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1. About White Paper project does not have the white paper. Although it is not true, it still becomes a matter repeatedly mentioned by the media and investors who do not know the truth. It has also become a matter that the project side needs to explain again and again.

No white paper is just Xiaolai Li’s self-ridicule.

In fact, the article on website in July 2017, written by Xiaolai Li, is the white paper of project. This article or white paper has a principal purpose which is to let those people who are interested in the project willing to read it and understand it easily. Providing a white paper full of complicated terms, piled up empty talk and cliches so that most investors are not willing to read word-by-word is not Xiaolai’s purpose.

After we (Ju Huo and Xiqiao) joined the project, we adopted Xiaolai’s style. At the same time, with our advantages, we can give our user a few more new ideas. That is, using the comic strip style with pictures and text.
So we want to make people not only willing to read this kind of white paper but also hope a significant proportion of them can understand it and even willing to try these features as soon as they understand it. So we plan to release a new comic series along with the development progress gradually. These comic series are our white paper.

Recently, enthusiast spontaneously formed communities and the number of people in our official telegram groups keep increasing. Fans and users repeatedly mentioned that they would like to see more information about as early as possible, just like those information contained in the standard white paper such as what kind of business pain points will be solved by the project, what is the solution, what kind of competitive advantage it has, what kind of technologies it used, and so on.

We genuinely value the voices from our communities and users. We also believe that the request of willing to learn more about the project should be met.

How do we handle it? On the one hand, in addition to continuing to provide the comic series style white paper, we also will provide a concise and clear vision of white paper for everyone. On the other hand, we will continue to respond to questions and suggestions collected by community volunteers through various channels. This response article published today is a good beginning.

2. About Roadmap

The role of the roadmap is to explain what we will do and deliver at certain points.

We have publicly released the roadmap through two channels.

The first one is the home page of our official website We explained from the user’s point of view: what you can do now, what you can do sooner and what you can do in the future.

The second is the through our team’s blog Whenever the new version is released, we will write a blog article to tell everyone what’s the latest content about and what we are doing now. What we are doing now is the stuff that we will release in the next version.

The former way points out the strategic direction, and the latter approach reveals the staged achievements.

The still existing problem is that the above roadmap publication route is not “formal”. For example, it did not tell people when we will achieve the milestone in advance. At the same time, it is not “elaborate”. For example, there is no indication of which day, month, quarter and year. This is indeed the thing we are not able to satisfy everyone.

We are very clear and sure what can do and what should be done to achieve that goal. The development is on track. Every other day, we will release a small or large function on our official website. At the same time, we are doing something that has never been done in history. In a fast-evolving new field, experiencing trial and error procedure and iterative evolution in specific features is also a fact that cannot avoid.

So please pardon us for using words like “immediately” and “sooner” on the blog page. This might made you feel we are not accurate and precise. We can’t give the precise date or time such as 5 pm on March 16th. Please understand that this is not our intention.

Our Blog will update the latest content and future things, we look forward to your attention.

At the same time, we also hope to provide the detailed roadmap to everyone routinely. Your need is very reasonable, and we will pay more attention and publish it with a concise and clear vision of the white paper.

3. About Marketing

It is true that project has almost no marketing activities during this period. Also, except for the official telegram group, does not own any other social media accounts. Our enthusiasts organized the community spontaneously, and we are pleased to see so many people do love this project. Sincerely, thank you very much!

No marketing activity is not because we are lack of resources and materials or that we are not good at it. On the contrary, we will market the project when the time is right, and we will market it vigorously. We just chose not to do it at this moment.

Overall blockchain applications are still at a relatively early stage. is indeed in its earlier stage, and we are looking forward to focussing on further improvement of the product. We expect to become a stunning product that is genuinely available and widely acceptable. We do not want to use a lot of unnecessary promotion resources at an earlier stage to get a large number of aimless investors. This is not our way of doing things.

As some enthusiasts mentioned in our official telegram group, it is better to do than to say. In the current trend of global environment and blockchain development, the best strategy is to get the project available for users.

In another word, you all continually following the progress of without any official promotion. You all are the initial users of this project and are die-hard fans. We are truly grateful for your trust and support.

4. About the Position of Xiaolai

The questions being submitted to us by the community are: “What is Xiaolai Li’s responsibility in project? How many projects does he have now and how much time and effort does he put into the project? Is Xiaolai Li’s battle line too long to hold? Does he spend enough time on project? He also invested project which is similar to Will become useless in future?”

I want to thank you for putting so much attention on Xiaolai’s position in project.

If you are familiar with Xiaolai Li, you should know that Xiaolai has been using multi-task way of working for many years, which means, he likes to control multiple projects at the same time. That’s him. He has a way to manage his time and energy, so please do not worry about it.

In fact, Xiaolai Li is the CEO of the project and is vital for Xiaolai Li. Many enthusiasts should be very clear about it.

As the CEO of the project, Xiaolai is personally participating in the project. Xiaolai is responsible for the overall architecture of the project, that is, the design principles at the strategic level, together with the formulation of the project framework. Our development team mainly completes the technical implementation. However, all critical things need to be decided by Xiaolai. He always participated in the regular operation of the project too. For example, he will meet with us and make decisions regarding the architecture of the economic system and specific plan. Also, as a CEO, he will review and approve this question and answer article. Xiaolai often appears in telegraph group to answer community’s questions as well.

Xiaolai Li has been continuously discussing with us for many years regarding the vision and how to implement project. Perhaps there are no other people in this world know this project better than us. This of course also allows us saved some Xiaolai’s precious time.

5. About So-Called Competitors:

We are glad to see some projects are doing the similar things in the field of content distribution. It precisely indicates this area has room for the future.
Our attitude of facing healthy competition is accepting its existence and do our part. The benefit of existing similar projects in an emerging field is that we will be able to explore different paths and more likely to give back to users a more powerful and useful product.

The benefit of existing similar projects in an emerging field is that we will be able to explore different paths and more likely to give back to users a more powerful and useful product.

We have reasons to believe that the future of blockchain will create a win-win situation and we are also full of confidence in the project.

Speaking of specific projects, is a partner of The two parties technical team are working on connect two systems. Everyone will see the changes in the product soon. Please be aware that subject to official notice some partnership is not yet ready to be announced, please do not trust rumors.

The community has submitted many questions to us. We take it seriously and will respond the rest to you later.

During this period, our workload was highly saturated. Previously released coin emoji “Sleep is not possible” is perfect to express our current feeing. I hope the next part of Q&A will come as soon as possible.

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Thanks to Jay Chen for help in translating this post from Chinese.

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