PRESSone Project Progress Biweekly Report 2018/08/20–2018/09/02
Sep 6, 2018 · 3 min read Development

Released: Content signature supports images and text mixing, and you can upload local images and sign them in the content, using others’ signed images as well.

Task Admin supports task progress display and batch rewards approval.

Contract and trading system (stage 0) under development:

  • Designing of contract data structure and API
  • Basic version of contract template, create, and list API
  • Completed part of user (buyer) feature front-end UI development

Financial system and wallet:

  • Data migration and bastion protection mechanism to ensure the safety of Mixin wallet
  • Rewards, withdraw, top-up, and socket notifications

Blockchain related:

  • Configured the test and development environment
  • Preliminary implemented Smart Contract feature with simple storing function
  • Blockchain data synchronization API development

Improvement and bug fixes:

  • i18n wording improvement and updates
  • Adjust thumbnail service’s maximum image size and support quality and compression parameters
  • Modularize components and support lazy loading, loading on demand to make it faster
  • Fix un-caught exception occurred when file uploading is interrupted
  • Fix the no-background issue in TASK ADMIN

Mobile App Product Design

  • Contract and trading system related mobile product prototype review and modification
  • Task system UI adjustment
  • Image signature rendering improvement

Mobile App Development

Version release: Android 2.3.0, iOS 2.1.0

  • Contract trading feature development in progress
  • Image and text mixing preview feature development
  • iOS: image signature feature bug fix
  • Android: Improvement for long images and GIF animations
  • Android: Support webpage image browsing, support zoom in and image loading progress
  • Fix WebView failure of loading Http images in Android N or above version


After more than a month of team involvement and prudent writing and multiple technical and blockchain experts reviewing, the latest version of the PRESSone whitepaper has been officially released.

Here is the Chinese version download link:

The English version of the whitepaper has been finished translation and will be released after proofreading and reviewing.

Domestic Team

  • Write the interpretation of the official whitepaper
  • FAQ of PRS project creation and improvement
  • Case study
  • Blockchain, financial, and technology media channels and KOL contact
  • Media and BD strategy discussion

Overseas Team


  • Translating the English version of the whitepaper
  • Wording improvement for the English UI of the website
  • Finish slides for 8/25 Startup4Chinese Community Meetup Presentation

Social Media

  • Create the project-specific Facebook page
  • Use to update twitter with significantly improved interaction and engagement


  • Gave promotion presentation of the project during of the Startup4Chinese meetup on 8/25

PRS Pioneer Community

The Evangelist Program issued the seventh batch of authors and editorial awards.

The community event “Celebrates Qixi and our covenant with PRESSone” has released rewards.

The community event “[Make your proposal and earn PRS] The Whitepaper is about to be released. What kind of accompanying activities do you expect to have?” has released rewards.

Two new re-creation projects have been added: the “Book Distilled” project and the “Audible Content” project.

The latest version of the Whitepaper has been released, and a lot more writing materials can be found. Welcome to contribute. Reading reports and notes, whitepaper interpretation, project measurement, content copyright track observation, and analysis are all available. Click here for more details.
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