Justice Gray Discovers Alternative Therapy To Regress Adult Scoliosis

Author, Justice Gray discovered a laser therapy common to people seeking weight loss and body sculpting helps regress adult scoliosis.

Justice was diagnosed with chronic scoliosis at the age of 22, and doctors predicted she’d be in a wheelchair within a few years. As in a lot of cases, organs, digestive system, legs and arms are affected, as well the back. Known for her stubbornness, Gray was determined to not have surgery nor be in that wheelchair and found alternative ways to relieve the pain without medication. Gray has also discovered that the laser therapy not only regresses the scoliosis but the aging process.

This new discovery can benefit those affected with adult scoliosis. Her chiropractor and massage therapist are in awe at the change in her spine and skin; her doctor told her “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it, as it is working.”

Justice Gray’s books are available on Amazon.


Valerie Hockert

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