Rose of Sharon Assisted Living Celebrates 12 Years of Denver Service

Rose of Sharon Assisted Living is celebrating its 12th year as a Denver-area provider of professional and compassionate care service. Linna Tanny and her staff operate six assisted living facilities within the Denver metro area.

Rose of Sharon Assisted Living was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing unique care for every resident. Today, the organization has grown to include six assisted living facilities in the Denver area, and founder Linna Tanny has been honored as a Best Asian-American Business Owner 2013 by Asian Venue Magazine. However, Tanny and her staff continue to stay true to the vision on which the company was founded: providing compassionate care for every resident and treating each resident like family.

Along with her husband, Hanny, Linda Tanny and her staff continue to operate the Rose of Sharon assisted living facilities much as they did when they first began. “Our goal and vision was to help Denver area residents have a place they could trust to take care of their most precious resources: their family members,” says Tanny. “Too often, assisted living facilities are seen as a last resort. We want family to feel comfortable when placing their loved ones with us because they know that these loved ones will receive the same degree of care we would give our own family members.”

Rose of Sharon Assisted Living provides affordable options for senior citizen assisted living solutions. The group helps those who need assistance with accommodations met to their unique needs. Above all, the group offers physically safe and sanitary environment with a loving, supportive staff. For more information on living options, see or visit

About Rose of Sharon Assisted Living:

Rose of Sharon Assisted Living is a company devoted to providing caring and loving support to those who need help with day-to-day living tasks. With six assisted living facilities across the Denver metro area, Rose of Sharon is able to provide residents and families with compassionate care options for every need.

Rose of Sharon Assisted Living is now celebrating its 12th year in the Denver area. The organization was founded in 2003 by Linna Tanny. Tanny created the assisted living facility with one goal: providing each resident with unique and personalized care. Now Tanny, who has been honored by receiving the Best Asian-American Business Owner award in 2013 from Asian Venue Magazine, has watched her organization grow into six assisted living facilities, all located in the Denver area. She and her staff are continuing to stay true to the vision she started with 12 years ago by treating every resident as her own family and providing them with compassionate care.

With support from Hanny, Linna’s husband, she and her staff have done their best to operate Rose of Sharon much the same as when they first started the company. Tanny explained that their vision was to give Denver area residents a place where they would be able to take their most precious loved ones, their family members, to be cared for. She said it is far too often that assisted living facilities are considered a last resort, and they want any family to feel comfortable and assured that their loved ones will receive the same care she would give her own family.

The organization provides senior citizens with affordable assisted living options. Rose of Sharon Assisted Living makes it their duty to offer a sanitary and physically safe environment for all of its residents, fully equipped with a supportive and loving staff. Visit their website for more options and information.

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Linna Tanny

Rose of Sharon Assisted Living

5082 East Hampden Avenue #247

Denver, CO 80222

(720) 353–7457

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