Top Quality and Low Cost Pressure Sensor for Industrial Safety Solutions

Industrial safety is highly related with the pressure sensors. Normally gases and liquids are a part in almost every industrial site in all over the world. Storing gases and liquids in vessels and pipes under various levels of pressure is a common scene in an industry sector. This makes it important to control or regulate the pressurized gases or liquids to prevent any kind of disaster like an explosion. Therefore, the pressure sensors play an important role in efficiently handling the pressure levels of gases and liquids in an industry.

The Demand of Top Quality Pressure Sensors:

The pressure sensor devices are used for measuring fluid, gas and mechanical pressure. A broad range of downstream industries require the pressure sensors for their unique process control applications. There are different types of pressure sensors available today.

The Key Markets for Pressure Sensors:

Understanding the importance of pressure sensors had made different sectors of industries in the world to rely on well designed and the best quality pressure sensors. There are hundreds of industries who rely upon pressure sensors to safely complete and execute their industrial needs.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Automotive and Aerospace
  • Military or Defense
  • Consumer Electronics and HVAC
  • Medical or Healthcare

Selecting the Right Pressure Sensor:

A wide variety of pressure sensors are used in industries to measure and regulate gases and liquids or fluids within an application. To make a smart choice of choosing the right pressure sensor by considering its particular application or purpose.

  • You need to understand the application and the specific demands on instrumentation
  • Find out the key terminology, (which the sensor manufacturers use) and the limitations of sensors that are currently available in the market

It is vital to understand the application, which will make you able to specify the right instrumentation, which will deliver the best results in terms of accuracy and error. The pressure sensors are designed and built to work within the harshest of environments (like the most hostile and corrosive media).

Some critical features to consider when selecting the pressure sensors:

  • Low drift over time/ temperature and humidity extremes
  • After mounting to a PCB there will be no need of calibration
  • A well calibrated and temperature compensated property
  • Availability of custom calibration
  • Extremely light and consistent accuracy specification
  • Wide variety of styles and options with the assurance of delivering the same performance
  • True measurement accuracy

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