How To Clean Varnished Wood Furniture

Nowadays, one of the most common surfaces available in furniture is varnished wood. It is the preferred choice of people not only for its attractive looks, but also for its durable and easy to maintain qualities. However, like any other material, furniture made of varnished wood also needs regular care to look good.

Here are some regular and special ways to clean your varnished wood furniture.

Regular Care To Clean Your Varnished Wood Furniture

  • Provide full protection from water and other liquids, especially alcohol, food or cosmetics. To protect table surfaces coasters can work really well.
  • Regular cleaning done by using a soft, dry, and lint free cloth does a lot better job, but many cleaning experts recommend using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. However, if you use a soft cloth to clean dust and smudges, then it can also provide a soft shine to the wood surface.
  • Wipe with a damp cloth, to get rid of stickiness or light soil and then start quickly start rubbing with a dry cloth. In order to avoid any damage to the furniture, first test in an inconspicuous spot before you apply this technique. Avoid leaving a damp cloth on the varnished surface.

Special Care To Clean Your Varnished Wood Furniture

  • In order to restore the appearance and sheen of the varnished wood furniture, you should clean it more thoroughly on regular intervals. This will deliver outstanding results for used furniture purchases.
  • Apply a coat of paste wax, if you want to protect varnished wood furniture, but there’s no need to do this quite often. Protection from dust and moisture is achieved by application of wax. To prevent wax build-up, never do this more than once a year.
  • If there is a build-up of wax, then remove it with the help of a cloth which is dampened with synthetic turpentine or mineral spirits. Sticky residue might occur if you use natural turpentine, so avoid its use. When using solvents, ensure that you follow all label directions. Also follow all the safety precautions while handling any cleaning solutions.
  • To provide the furniture shine, polish can be used, but stay away from using polish quite often as overuse can result in build-up. Use a silicon-free product because silicon is known to leave behind a dull film over time.
  • On some varnish finishes, you can also use oil soaps, but it’s highly recommended that first you test in an inconspicuous area.
  • If varnished finishes are badly soiled then they can be washed, but you need to first test in an inconspicuous area. Do not wash, if turns white and hazy, or the surface streaks.

Final Thoughts: Even though cleaning varnished wood furniture sounds easy, but it’s not. So, it’s highly recommended that you should hire experienced upholstery cleaners in Sydney, who has knowledge of upholstery cleaning.

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