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Google had previously tried to break usability on the web by removing the “www.” and “http(s)://” parts of the URL displaying in Chrome. Facing a strong backlash from users, they quietly shelved the plans.

Now they are trying again, with the same nonsense excuses for it: “ The Chrome team values the simplicity, usability, and security of UI surfaces. To make URLs easier to read and understand, and to remove distractions from the registrable domain, we will hide URL components that are irrelevant to most Chrome users. …

There’s lots of flag waving about how the ICO finally has some teeth, and how GDPR is going to keep companies on their toes from now on. Nothing will change.

GDPR will have no impact on cyber security apart from employing a lot more auditors, with even more ineffectual checklists. The ICO’s “record breaking fine” will result in zero improvements in cyber security.

Companies should be punished financially for having weak security when handling customer’s data — but it’s the executive team who should foot the bill. The ICO’s fine doesn’t help consumers or the companies who have suffered a…


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