Prestige Partners With Strip Advisor

We are happy to announce our official partnership with Strip Advisor! Strip Advisor is a service that works directly with Strip Clubs. Strip Advisors mission is to connect clients directly with strip clubs around the country. It is an open secret that strip clubs engage in all sorts of marketing tactics including kickbacks and commissions paid to almost anyone who sends business their way. This includes a wide range of service industry folks such as taxi drivers, limo drivers, rideshare drivers, hotel doorman, bartenders, and club promoters. Strip Advisor will be amongst one of the first companies to utilize the Prestige (PXCX) token for their services.

A Few Advantages Strip Advisor will have by using the Prestige Token:

  • The Prestige Networx service fees will be lower than the services fees from alternative credit cards processors. The Prestige Networx platform will be fueled by cryptocurrency and smart contracts enabling us to keep our costs lows.
  • The Prestige Networx willenable rapid signup for merchants. Once a potential user for the Prestige Networx passes through our KYC\AML, then they will be on the platform ready to take payments. Privacy is important. We will take steps to provide the highest level of privacy on ourplatform. Procedures and code will be put into place to comply with regulatory laws.
  • The accounts for the Prestige Networks will remain permanent. Being on the NEO Blockchain, the wallets for the Prestige Networx cannot be closed or revoked, because theNEO Blockchain does not have a centralized authority with the power to do so.
  • Payments on the Prestige Networx cannot be reversed. Another advantage to merchants is they no longer have to worry that the user of their product will claim the product does not deliver and reverse the charge as an act of fraud. With credit card processes, this happens more frequently than people would believe. Fraud is one of the reasons that credit card companies label some merchants high risk.

Prestige Network is developing a decentralized payment processing platform on the NEO Blockchain, which will use our utility token to reduce the cost and barriers to entry that many “High Risk” merchants face.

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