35 days of vlogging…how my life has changed

It’s been 35 days since I picked up the camera to start a daily vlog. I was inspired by Casey Neistat and motivated to bring awareness to Designcue.

Beyond that, I was excited to open up my life to others and share the day-to-day struggle of a 21-year-old, solo-founder starting a company in Atlanta.

The hustle, the ups and downs. The excitement and joy brought by my friends, the loneliness felt being the only one — all of it!

35 days in… 2o episodes down… the story continues.

Vlogging has changed my life in many ways. It’s a constant battle of balance. Getting the right shots for the vlog while maintaining the actual life balance of shooting the vlog, doing my actual work, and being present with my friends and family. It’s not an easy task, and it doesn’t come without sacrifice.

1. I rarely have time to watch tv and relax. Since starting the vlog, my weekday schedule looks like this:

  • wake up and work out
  • get to office by 10:30am
  • work until ~6 or 7pm
  • get home, go on date, hang with roomies, or go to event
  • start editing the vlog ~10pm–1am
  • finish editing during the day

2. I’m more distracted during work hours

To shoot a successful vlog you have to dedicate a large portion of headspace to the story and shots you want to get. Often I end up editing during the day instead of doing my “actual” work.

3. Motivations mingle

Am I doing this just for the vlog? or because I “genuinely” want? Am I really this happy? Or am I just showing face for the camera?

When you’re in front of a camera, it’s very difficult to be your “true” to yourself. One because…understanding your “true self” is futile in and of itself, but also because we naturally want to show our prettiest life to anyone watching.

It’s very hard to show the dirty parts of life, and often others don’t want to see it. Despite their being a trend towards showing this messiness, somethings are better not shared on camera.

It’s all worth it…

Even through this difficulties, I absolutely love shooting a daily vlog. It’s extremely fun to chronicle the people in my life, from those at Switchyards, to my roommates, and my girlfriend Courtney.

Years from now I will look back fondly at the videos I make daily.

Also, I love to teach and have room to speak. I’m an extrovert through and through, so I live off of sharing my ideas with others. Daily vlogs are a really good opportunity to comment on current events, share my passions, and speak truth I believe in!

Vlogging is hard…but I LOVE IT!

You can checkout my latest vlog on YouTube: https://youtu.be/LmHxxSeJuZE