10 Ideas for Welcoming a New Employee

  1. Give new employees a project to get a signature/comment book signed by existing employees. Existing employees are all aware of the tradition and are expected to welcome the request as a chance to network.
  2. New joiners are allowed to choose what project they first want to work on, within guidelines such as how long it takes and necessary support staff.
  3. Once an employee joins, they are allowed to design the swag that the next person receives as a pay-it-forward system.
  4. The first 1on1 after joining is always with the CEO.
  5. New employees are given wall space to design and decorate an area of their choosing.
  6. New employees receive a 3D-printed statue of themselves.
  7. An all-hands company meeting is arranged where the new joiner can speak to the entire company and ask questions.
  8. The new joiner’s profile is shared in the internal company news network where people can comment and like the post.
  9. New employees can choose out of a catalog to order their swag or benefits such as support for their interests in education and/or business wear.
  10. The new joiner's skills and previous achievements are shared so people can contact that person to collaborate.

10 x 10 Exercise
■ 10 ideas in 10 minutes. Daily.
■ Post your ideas in the comments or share future topics to ideate together.
■ 10 minutes not enough? Get stupid with your ideas. Anything goes.
■ Inspired by James Altucher.

Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying,” she said; “one can’t believe impossible things.”
“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen.
- Lewis Carroll



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