Preston Fontenot: The Right Way to Invest

Investment banker and company owner Preston Fontenot knows that there are right ways to invest and wrong ways. He believes the right way to invest involves letting the investor in on the strategy, or the method to his madness. He wants to ensure that his clients get what they paid for when they hired him the firm for which he owns, Trade Global Partners, Inc. Fontenot has built a reputation for excellent investment decisions based on a long track record of success for many clients along the way. Whenever he makes a major decision for his clients about where to put their money, he lets them into the conversation so they know to trust him with his decision and to give them the full disclosure they would expect from an excellent investor.

Preston Fontenot says that he loves to bring his clients the good news that their investment panned out in their favor. That is his end goal for each investor. He has rarely lost money, and when he has, he knew to cut and run before the investment got worse under his watch. Fontenot worked his way up towards building Trade Global Partners, Inc. into an industry-wide success story by consistently delivering excellent investment news to all of his clients throughout his young career. Although he has been in the investment business for only several years, he has already made a name for himself as a hard working, highly successful investment analyst and broker.

Preston Fontenot lives in the downtown Austin area with his wife and four children. He says that his family is his support structure. No matter how stressful and difficult his day had been, he knows he can count on his family to cheer him up and help him relax. He shows his appreciation for his home by donating his time and resources to local charities and contributing to solutions for the growing homeless problem in Austin, Texas. Fontenot donates to his local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, the American Heart Association, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure.

Preston Fontenot has carved out a lucrative career for himself that he can share with his family and community. He believes in the power of giving to one another and that a community can is as strong as the commitment between its members. Fontenot has always striven to provide a good home for his family and create a thriving career for himself, so he can continue to give back to his community. Fontenot also works as a consultant to small business owners.

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