Wide Open Media Group Hires Media and Publishing Veteran as VP of Sales

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 24, 2017 — Wide Open Media Group, the leading publisher network dedicated to the Heartland of America, has officially announced the hiring of Preston Junger as Vice President of Sales. He will help bring brand awareness as well as new revenue and partnership opportunities to the company as its digital content-focused strategies continue to reach tens of millions of readers and followers across four web properties.

Preston formerly worked for Yahoo!, IAC, Apple, and most recently was Vice President of Brand Solutions at Yelp. His time at Yelp as an early hire was focused around opening and expanding the company’s first New York office, as well as bringing the company through IPO, all while significantly growing Yelp’s national advertising revenue and seeing the company go from 80 employees to 5,000+ globally.

“Having witnessed Preston’s growth and leadership of the Yelp digital media team firsthand, I know he has the experience and passion within the publishing, brand, and agency space to help drive our direct sales team to new heights,” said Denis O’Dwyer, CEO of Wide Open Media Group. “Preston’s extensive background in digital media, combined with his unique approach to developing impactful results centered around branded content, will help further position Wide Open Media Group as the leading platform to reach Heartland consumers.”

Preston has proven himself proficient in growing sustainable revenue streams, raising capital, business development, engaging communities, developing quality content, executing mobile strategy, and helping early stage companies develop a playbook for success.

“Wide Open Media Group is creating a platform that connects values-based consumers with original high quality content that they care about, and that really stuck with me,” Preston said. “With my experience building the national brand team at Yelp, I know most companies want to reach the increasingly large demographic that Wide Open Media represents. The problem is, very few know where to reach these consumers, or even how to speak to them. I’m proud to have the opportunity to show them why Wide Open Media is the place where essentially any consumer or brand that has American pride should be.”

Preston will work out of the company’s New York City office, and focus his efforts nationwide to bring Wide Open Media Group to the forefront of the digital publishing network arena.

About Wide Open Media Group
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Wide Open Media Group is the nation’s leading independent publisher focused on the 106 million Heartland Consumers and their passions. The media company connects over 12 million users with unique and engaging digital content, giving readers the latest news, information, and entertainment combined with the ability to share it with the world. Wide Open Media Group’s growing Heartland media network includes Wide Open Spaces, the nation’s leading hunting, fishing and outdoors site, as well as Wide Open Country, the fastest growing country music and lifestyle destination on the web. Wide Open Pets and Wide Open Eats, the network’s newest additions, are capturing the attention of animal lovers and foodies, two huge segments of the Heartland demographic. Together the websites, and Wide Open Media Group as a company, are dedicated to providing top quality news and information to delight and serve the Heartland community.

Original Wide Open Media press release: http://prn.to/2lKgn6p

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