Complaining is an undisputed national past time for many Singaporeans. But exactly how negative are we? And do we loathe all topic matters equally?

Wow, I get that this was maybe written from the perspective of the World Toilet Organization but what a load of — oh crap, am I…

This project is brought to you by the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Division, GovTech Singapore.

Andrew Tan, Quantitative Analyst
Preston Lim, Software Engineer
Tan Kai Wei, Data Scientist

Have you ever looked at an old black and white photo and wondered: what did the person taking this photo actually…

The forum section of The Straits Times — one of the major news papers in Singapore — is a national treasure. The forum section specifically serves as a platform for wizened and impassioned Singaporeans to share their views on Singaporean culture and society.

Among the many seminal works is “Unsafe…

Preston Lim

Preston Lim is a software engineer by day and musical theatre actor by night. He has a B.S. in Bioengineering and M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford.

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