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This past MLK weekend, my wife and I drove down to Alabama to see the landmarks of the civil rights movement. Among many historical sites, there is a new monument: The National Memorial for Peace and Justice. Here, the names of every documented African American victim of racial terror lynching, of which there are over 4,400, is carved into hanging steel columns. There is one column for each county in America that has seen a lynching. My hometown, Collin County, is included. There were two documented lynchings in its history. …

“A group of people protesting and demonstrating in Washington” by Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash

Each year the question arrives: what are our plans for July 4th? When my wife asked this question last week, I hesitated. I wish I was only disappointed that the holiday fell on a Wednesday, but the truth is that I didn’t feel like celebrating at all. In many ways, I would rather take a knee on Independence Day.

I know how this might sound. I’m using this holiday as an occasion to complain about an administration I don’t like. I’m ignorant of my privilege and the freedom it allows me. Maybe I should shut up and stop whining. And…

Preston Nanney

A writer of many kinds: underwriter, fiction writer, poet and commentator.

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