This thriving position brings together engineering, design, and business

If you’re interested in the elusive and rewarding field of product management but unclear about how to land a position, you’re not alone. Each component of product management—design, engineering, and business—offers ample opportunities for formal education. Few degree programs, however, show people how to bring all three areas together, and…

These 9 simple tips can make a huge difference in money management

The role of a product manager is, generally, to manage the development of a product and then maximize the revenue and profit margins that product generates for the company.

As a product manager, I tend to approach a lot of things in life the same way I would managing a…

What works here doesn’t always work everywhere else

How adaptable is the “Silicon Valley approach” in foreign markets?

Well, the approach(es) are plenty adaptable. The real question is — How adaptive are the people employing it?

The business practices developed in Silicon Valley are revolutionary, but they’re no silver bullet. Strategies tried and true in one market are…

What is a leader supposed to look like?

How do they act? How do they dress? What shows are they watching? Do they watch TV? What’s their workout routine? Beard or no?

Am I meditating hard enough???

Having the opportunity to lead within an organization is a privilege, but that…

Know Your Game Plan before Stepping into a New Locker-room

The Dos and Don’ts of Leading Inherited Product Teams

How do you Product Manage teams that know more about a product than you do?

When Product Managers inherit pre-existing products (whether it’s a change of company or an internal re-org) there are a lot of factors that need to be locked-down. Team Dynamics. Product Strategy. Performance Assessment Timelines.


Preston Smalley

Product & Tech Leader for digital TV entertainment, two-sided marketplaces and mobile apps used every day by millions of people.

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