All You Have to Know About General Dentistry of Melbourne

It is rightly said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. General Dentistry involves the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a plethora of disorders and diseases that affect the good health of teeth, gums and maxillofacial region of the body.

Dentistry is preventative and the Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends that every individual should visit the dentist regularly. These visits can be scheduled at least once every six months. The regular checkups ensure proper oral hygiene and functionality. Also, it prevents the development of serious dental problems in the near future that are painful and require costly treatment.

The dentists can help in customizing a dental hygiene plan. It incorporates examination, scaling, cleaning and radiographs. The dentists use diagnostic equipment to prevent, uncover and treat problems if any at an early stage. They may suggest or incorporate restorative procedures in the development of a treatment plan. It surely helps to prevent decay or disease of the mouth, teeth, gums and tongue.

General dentistry in Melbourne is all about maintaining the health of teeth and gums. Healthy gums and teeth are not only essential for a confident and beautiful smile but also to have comfort while eating, drinking and talking. The decayed or defected teeth can be treated with modern dental procedures like fillings, root canal treatment, crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss can be prevented with a proper daily oral hygiene. A visit to the dentist for regular check-ups will definitely identify oral issues early.

Tips for Healthy Teeth and Gums:

It is simple and easy to keep the teeth clean and gums healthy. You will have to follow a simple routine.

Good oral hygiene: To maintain a good oral hygiene, brushing at least twice a day is recommended. Regular flossing and using a fluoride rinse helps to improve the health of gums and teeth.

Low sugar Intake: Follow a low sugar diet by avoiding soft drinks, bottled juices, etc.

Regular Check Ups: This helps to prevent serious dental issues.

Dental Twinges: As most of us have fillings since a younger age dental twinges need a serious attention.

Painful Gums and Sensitive Teeth: Generally, sensitive teeth are the result of periodontal disease. Deep cleaning treatments by professionals, brushing and flossing and routine visits to the dentist help to maintain the deteriorated gums and sensitive teeth. Use a toothbrush with soft rounded bristles. A rotation oscillation electric brush can also be used.

Dry Mouth and Less Saliva: Saliva has antibacterial and acid neutralizing features. It is rich in minerals that strengthen the tooth enamel. The dryness in mouth results in cavities and bad breath. To tackle the dry mouth and less saliva problem, chew sugarless hard candy or gum sweetened with xylitol. This helps to stimulate saliva secretion.

Scrape Tongue: To have good oral hygiene, scrape your tongue every day.

Mouth guard: Wear a mouth guard when playing sports.

Following these small tips, you can have good oral hygiene and prevent serious damage to your gums and teeth. Regular check-ups help to prevent serious dental diseases and disorders.

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