If you’ve been developing your React web application locally, you have put in a lot of work getting it to bundle correctly! Now the time has come to deploy and make your beautiful code available to the world. When you go to deploy an app, Heroku is an obvious choice: It’s simple, user friendly, and it can be free if you’re using it for academic/for-fun purposes. But deploying a React application can sometimes be challenging. If you’re in this position, this step-by-step walk-thru will set you up right!

*Note: Short and sweet, this is a high level overview of what…

Developers that are just getting into the front end framework scene want to know which framework to choose. Sometimes, the answer is simple, but sometimes there’s more to it. In my case, I had to do a deep dive into the differences between the main players to make a solid decision. And…

You’ve created an amazing Web App. You know it’s amazing, and everyone that sees it is quite impressed. But you have one problem: you aren’t getting any traffic to your app. Why?

The answer: Search Engines React differently to React (Get it…? React… Ok, moving on).

My React SEO Demo App (referenced in this post)

Demo App Code on GitHub:
Demo App Deployed on Heroku:
YouTube Companion Video:

Why is SEO Important?

In today’s world, Search Engine Rankings are mind-bendingly important: Research shows that “95% of web traffic goes to sites on Page 1 of Google.” …

Preston Wallace

I’m a Full-Stack Software Engineer at Liquidity Services and Teaching Fellow at FullStack. While not developing, I enjoy CA with my beautiful wife and children.

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