Plastic parts manufacturer in India

Today in this Information technology world no one can imagine life without plastic. Pretechplast is a Plastic parts manufacturer in India. If we take look around our house we come to know that many things of our house is made of plastic and we use them in our daily life. Making plastic parts is one of the most efficient ways to design and manufacture parts.
Pretechplast provides you wide range of plastic parts and plastic components.

We are designed and producing plastic parts by well experienced engineers and technicians. All our products have long life, strength and durability. Pretechplast most recent technology to make the plastic parts and plastic components. We are specialized in providing Brush Holders, complex thermoplastic and thermo set solutions, Connector Housing Alternator Protection Caps, Bobbins, Rake Levers, and Spider Pivot Bushings etc. Those plastic parts available only in Pretechplast Pvt Ltd.

Pretechplast is a leading company of Plastic component manufacturer in India. Pretechplast products are used many industry such as packaging industry, medical industry, water pumps manufacturing industry. We give prior importance to quality to ensure customer satisfaction. All our products are international standards, well designed and high quality.

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