Six steps to better business digital of things

Pretend Office
May 7, 2014 · 3 min read

Have you ever wondered about your things?

Things are coming to life — thanks to the Internet! With your things on the Internet, a whole new world of connectedness awaits.

As you probably already know, Pretend Office is one of the best companies in the field that it’s in. A recent client-related pitch-lose scenario helped us narrow our focus down to the most important parts of what we do. We looked hard at our parts, and decided that one of the most important ones should be things that are on the Internet.

This is a concept more generally known as Things on the Internet. Pretend Office is at the centre of Things on the Internet, and plans to remain there, although also leading from the front. So we shall be at the front and in the centre. Or to put it another way, the centre will be at the front, with the grassroots and the leadership both at the same time.

That’s an important lesson you can apply to all aspects of business.

As thought leaders in the world of business and Things, we think a lot of interesting ideas, almost every daily.

For example: did you know that Things on the Internet can talk to each other? Using a clever new system called HyperText, even stupid things like your washing machine, or perhaps your phone, can send messages to other things.

That’s just one of the amazing things we’ve learned about Things on the internet since we started looking really closely at Things on the Internet.

“But hold on!” you’re probably saying right now. “Why on earth would I want my things to talk to each other?”

That’s a very good question. &smiley; We’re going to explain.

The thing about Things on the Internet isn’t just that they can talk to each other, but that they can do it automatically. Or as some people like to say in the trade, “automagically”. Just kidding — it isn’t really magic! Although it sometimes seems like it. But it isn’t.

Here are six steps to understanding how Things on the Internet talk to each other without using magic.

1. HyperText is really just how the rest of the Internet works anyway. Google is made with HyperText. So are many of Pretend Office’s products and services in the field that we’re in. HyperText is not that new, but it is still transformative and exciting, because it can do so many different things. For example, Wikipedia is made in HyperText. So you can see, HyperText can do many different things.

2. If your things can talk to each other, they can also talk to the Internet. We foresee an amazing future where not only can your household devices communicate with each other, they can also communicate with us over the same Internet lines. How cool would it be if your fridge could post a Medium here on Medium every time it needed you to buy more milk? And that’s just one idea.

3. Your company should appoint a senior person who is in charge of all the technology relating to different Things on the Internet. At Pretend Office, that role is filled by our Barista of Technology.

4. Make sure you have pages on your WebSite about your Things on the Internet. The more pages you have, the better. It’s important to have plenty of navigation so that people reading your WebSite can find the information they need. You might need to plan time for some additional meetings to organise your WebSite navigation. You’ll find a committee is usually helpful at this stage.


So there you have it, our six steps to success with the things you will need to make Things on the Internet. If the things you put on the Internet generate any data, store it carefully so that you can delete it in one go later on. Data is rarely useful and might use up too much space on your Google Drive account.

Remember, Pretend Office is one of the leading companies in the field that it’s in. If you’d like to get in touch to find out more about our services and how we could help you run Your Business, But Better(TM), please get in touch. You can hashtag us on Twitter at @pretendoffi

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    Pretend Office

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    Almost certainly among the best companies in the field that it's in

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