9Jen was riding a bike, holding hands with Ben Dodds. She was ultimately repulsed and shook her hand off from his and glanced back at me with disgust.

I was on a work trip but friends were there too (Jody, Heather). I was trying to get back to my kids b/c Matt was with me as well and we just left them sleeping, with no one to be there when they awoke. I tried to convince Heather to send her parents over but she said they couldn’t make it until 11am and then Matt chimed in and said that his parents once tried to give them carrot and celery sticks and they refused so they’d be fine until 11. I had no car and felt stuck and defeated.

I was in a video game like an easter egg hunt. There was a pot-bellied pig with no head. Its wiry black body, the shape of a bread box. I didn’t touch it.

A woman was riding a saddled, chestnut horse but she kept falling over backward—the horse toppling over upon its own haunches. I was perplexed in why she was allowing such poor form and quasi abuse to the horse.

10 I heard a chirping from with a small succulent. I had to unfurl each probg of the tightly balled succulent to uncover a tiny brown fluffy chick. I put in in my hand to air dry. I set it on actsble to get a blow dryer, and then forgot.

I went to many parties. Pro cyclists. Motorcyclists beating on a woman. Claiming that she had hit her head on a rock by accident.

A multitude of kiddie pools.

Lance cut all of his hair off for charity.

I called my local state representative to let them know they were doing an adequate job.

11 Dad was there telling me about old rock shows. Pushing my truck through the snow.

Had a yellowjacket fly into my shirt at the grocery store. Took off my shirt and was just like, deal with it.

12 Stefanie had an estate sale. It was giant. Warehouse full of stuff: sofas, clothes, a jump rope with weird canvas and handles; a sofa from the 60s. It was light blue, button-tufted. I had $110 rolled into tube and I put it in my pocket. I had to leave and walk out a weird side path through some landscaping in my socks.

13 Bunch of boring dreams about work. Legit work. Like I went to work, went to bed, and dreamt about work. Wtf.

14 Mason jar full of wet dog food in the street.

16 Rollercoasters

17 Sara and I tried to get close to a parade and left our bikes unlocked. Worried they would be stolen, I was led on a weird adventure I can’t remember. Found a house with a red lucite gate. Also went shopping for weird QVC style kitchen accoutrements shaped like ducks.

19 I was late getting to work in a beach town. I tried to find a bagelry but all the lines were too long. I told myself I wouldn’t be ashamed and tried to find a Macdonalds. Ran past two boys fighting. One boy viciously beating the other I stopped and broke them apart. I made the one apologize and needed to find help for the other boy. The beaten boy spoke Spanish. As we walked he picked up a little mottled piece of cheese. I knew he was poor and starving. I asked the bully his name: Alexander; Al. I told him I have a sister named Alexandra. The beaten boy told me his name: Salek. Salam de Salek. He was from the Iberian Peninsula. We walked past a fancy restaurant that was just weirdly decorated rooms from the 70s that looked like old natural history museum exhibits so you’d walk past these large windows and stare at the couples dining. The boys laughed and thought that was weird. We came around a corner where I said I lived and Solo came out and greeted the boys. Salek was missing the greater part of his left ring finger.

Earlier in the dream I had received a mix tape from Ben Rabner to cycle to. It was a service he was providing: make a mix tape for you based on a tarot card reading. Mine all had things to do with sweating and smelling bad.

22 Large tangled branches about 18" in diameter smoldering with crackling red embers from within, splitting the bark apart enough for the glow. Laying across the damp street.

I bought a ticket for some sort of train ride with Jody, but we missed it. Someone mentioned to me about the weight of a lost love and how special it was and irreplaceable.

Saw a friend’s house from above. Black. Big windows. Crammed on a hillside.

Something with water. Can’t remember.

23 Hot makeout.

27 The soundtrack from the film The Revenant by Ryuichi Sakamoto was playing. Can’t recall the details.

<iframe src=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/162812993" width=”640" height=”360" frameborder=”0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>
<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/162812993">&quot;The Revenant Main Theme&quot; by Ryuichi Sakamoto (Alva Noto Edit) — OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/prcss">PRCSS</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com">Vimeo</a>.</p>


1 Riding the most beautiful cream and cinnamon paint horse. First person. Then was front seat in an old late 60s car. Tried to turn the ignition but the whole mechanism dissolved in my hand like a weathered piece of metal left out to bribe on a beach. Drive the car, somehow, into a town that felt familiar.

2 a coworker scammed me out of some money. I told him he owed me $10k. He said he would never have that kind of money do I should just forget about it. Pissed.

15 tried to get new fishing line on my fly reel. A gang of murdery men entered. In order to fight back I just aimed my hands in the shape of holding a pistol and “shot” back. Killing them all.

I was at an estate sale but so many great things were already mine: a cervello bicycle, an African rug, textures of fabrics. One green with the best Scandinavian wildflowers woven in. they tried to auction my things and no one would listen to me.

Saw Rachel in new trail running shoes. They had Brillo pad like bottoms to run in the snow.

17 something about a river. A crocodile and a wolf. The wolf had a blood patch on its hind. The crocodile lay dead in the shallow edge of the river. Then it was dead in a dim and damp alley light with a yellow street lamp. Like the last scene in a movie: the crocodile with compulsion to relive wakes and slithers back into the river. Felt a message like everyone omg is perception. Everything can be renewed but never changed. We are on a course even t the detriment of ourselves. A key lime bird who laid key limes. The bird said we could have it’s lime if we made good use of it and split it between 70 veterans’ gin and tonics.

21 A famous Icelandic band wanted me to go on tour with them. Lead singer sent a snap chap ofnhow disappointed she was that I couldn’t join in. I tried to excuse myself bc of the babies. She was wearing prosthetic fangs and looked super goth n cool. Apparently, a close mutual friend had passed 2 years prior and it was a reunion of sorts. Then I was being hunted and a big black dog almost attacked me and I gave in. A man put a needle in my big toe and even in my dream I felt the pain.