How Diverse is The Ringer’s potential audience?

What is The Ringer?

· A Platform

· A News Source

· Cultural Communicators

The Ringer is truly a fascinating online news source that acts as a platform for cultural, and subcultural communication. The most impressive factor about The Ringer is arguably the wide range of diversity within it’s content. However, The Ringer is also quite unique in terms of its layout, style, content, and most importantly its audience, US!

Culturally speaking The Ringer covers a wide variety of topics that could appeal to a large range of different people, with different upbringings, in reality The Ringer has not yet reached it’s full potential, but I strongly believe it has something for everyone.

What does The Ringer have to offer?

· Sports

· Music

· Film

· Conspiracies??

· Mainstream culture

The first thing you’ll notice about The Ringer is that it covers several different sports, including Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, American Football, Hockey, MMA, and several others; essentially they have a very diverse range of topics, which is not limited to just sports.

The Ringer also focuses on music (Very different genres), film (All types of TV shows, and movies), technology, and many other themes. The Ringer will cover such diverse topics like the Migos, Mac De Marco, The Champions League, Chris Pratt, and of course the Kardashians, all on the same platform!

Today on The Ringer the theme of conspiracy theories grasped my attention with such intriguing articles like: “Did Marcus Morris sub in for his twin brother Marquieff in game two?” And “Is Guy Fieri, the smash mouth guy, and the insane clown posse guys the same person?” However, on the same page there are articles about the new Fargo series, Isiah Thompson’s 53-point game, and Draymond Green’s importance to the golden state warriors.

Essentially, The Ringer covers several cultural phenomenon’s’ that do not appeal to Americans only, but to anyone who has been influenced by mainstream culture. The Ringer is also precise in their delivery, the language, and the idioms used, which are always appropriate for the intended audience.

What makes The Ringer’s potential audience so diverse?

· Authors

· Content

· Knowledge, and experience

· Versatility

The Ringer owes much of its success to its authors, as they are the ones writing the articles. The Ringer has a very diverse range of authors; this can be seen from the different topics covered, and the language used, yet they have a very consistent, and unique voice that distinguishes them from others.

Today on The Ringer I stumbled upon an article about Quavo the artist from the Migos, I was surprised by the terms used saying things like “Quavo has the Juice” (Basically saying Quavo has the upper hand) it was clear that this was written by someone with an extensive cultural hip-hop knowledge, the author is Justin Charity an African American from Brooklyn, a writer at The Ringer, and at Complex News. After scrolling through Justin’s feed on The Ringer, it was evident that he is very knowledge on hip-hop, and African American culture, because of his role at Complex News Justin can be considered to be one of the main communicators of Pop, and Hip-hop culture. This can be seen through the articles he has written about Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Future, Kanye West and Donald Trump on both sources.

However, on the other hand you have authors like Juliet Litman, who focuses on the NBA coverage. Juliet is a famous TV personality, and NBA specialist known for her shows about the NBA, and her podcast about NBA Pop Culture. On Juliet’s feed you can visibly see her passion, and extensive knowledge about the NBA, and the culture around it. These authors, their backgrounds, and their articles is what makes The Ringer so diverse; it is their wide variety of expertise, passions, and experiences that intrigues the audience so much. Furthermore, The Ringer has developed a consistent voice, and image throughout their different authors. The Ringer, and their authors show versatility, the ability to write about different themes whilst still maintaining a consistent voice is impressive, and this can be reflected to the audience, The Ringer’s audience is very versatile.


The Ringer in my opinion has great potential, it’s content is honest, relatable, and entertaining! On top of that it’s not too serious, and honestly very broad in a positive way, which allows it to be understood, and enjoyed by people of different backgrounds. Like anything The Ringer has it’s flaws, but The Ringers biggest flaw might just be it’s broadness, the fact that it’s not niche, and not specific to a certain type of person. The Ringer covers something for everyone, and has great potential to become more diverse.