My prediction of Game of Thrones’ 5 most important characters in the next season

Game of Thrones

· What does it have to offer?

· What are my predictions based on?

Game of Thrones also commonly known as (GOT) is arguably the best TV show to have ever met my eyes, a show with the complete package, Zombies, Dragons, Princesses, bastards, and incredible character development, what else could I want? A lot of sex scenes, and battles? Well… It’s got it!

In spirit of Game of Thrones’ near return, I have decided to watch it all (again), and list my prediction of next season’s most important characters.

My prediction is solely based on my experience, and understanding of the show, and its incredible characters. I do not want to go into detail regarding exactly what the characters will be doing, because I cannot prophesies such a thing, but I do believe these characters listed will be crucial in the highly anticipated GOT season 7. BTW The characters are listed in no particular order, and I have left out the White Walkers, because we all know they are coming!

  1. Jon Snow

· The Bastard

· The Leader

· The Saviour

The double bastard who died, the leader of the Night’s Watch, the King of the North, and maybe the rightful heir to the Throne. He is probably Game of Thrones’ biggest character, so big they had to bring him back from the dead. If you’ve watched GOT then you know exactly what I’m talking about, if you haven’t well I’m sorry for the spoiler. We’re taught to love Jon, his kindness, his courage, and passion are just a few of his valiant traits. Jon Snow will be one of the most prominent characters in the next season, his role in season 6 is just a taste of his importance against the upcoming war versus the white walkers. Moreover it is possible that the complicated prophecy which indicates he is the one to save the world could be right, only season 7 can tell.

2. Daenerys Targaryen

· Mother of Dragons

· Her amy and coalitions

· Her next move

Daughter of the mad king, mother of the dragons! The liberator of the slaves, and the queen of the Dothraki. She is Daeneyrs Targeryen AKA Khaleesi, the leader of the Khals, and the most powerful army, her and her men are on the search for glory. Daenayrs, her army, her deadly Dragons and her growing coalitions, with people like Tyrion Lannister, Lord Varys, and many more in the east make her more and more powerful. This all proves that Khaleesi, her Dragons, and her army have set coarse to take what was taken from her family; the Throne. I am sure all GOT enthusiasts are waiting to see Khaleesi, and her dragons in full action in the next season

3. Little Finger

· The Snake

· His objective

The man behind the curtains, the most political, influential and dangerous character of Game of Thrones, the biggest snake in all the land. Little finger is directly responsible for the War of the Five kingdoms, and the death of the king, yet only a few are aware of his action. Little finger always has a secret agenda unfolding, and his manipulation skills are one of a kind. His ultimate objective is to be king of the Throne with Lady Sansa by his side. Little finger has not reached his objective, which is why I believe he will play a big role in GOT’s 7th season.

4. Tyrion Lannister

· The imp

· His new family

· The Dragons

The imp, Tyrion Lannister, the outcast of the Lannister household. After killing his own father, and leaving Kings landing in search of a new purpose he has found himself a new family with Khaleesi, and her army, acting as the hand of Khaleesi. With Ceresei Lanister being the Queen in the capital, he has joined forces with Khaleesi, her new recruits, and the three Dragons. They are setting sail for kinds landing, and there have been many rumours, and predictions which say Tyrion himself will be one of the riders of the Dragons. His role in season 7 will be pivotal for Khaleesi’s success.

5. Brandon Stark

· The Three eyed raven

· His vision, and knowledge

· His growing importance

The youngest son of Eddard Stark, and one of the most powerful characters in the show, his name is Brandon Stark, but he is also known as The Three Eyed Raven, a power that we have only began to understand. Brandon’s visions as The Three Eyed Raven indicate that he is one of the most intelligent, and important characters in GOT, as he has the ability to time travel. The knowledge he has acquired only in season 6 is proof of his importance in season 7, he is the only one who knows the truth about Jon Snow. Moreover, throughout the seasons we have seen more, and more of Bran, his increasing importance is an indication to me that his role will continue to grow throughout season 7.


Now it ends….

This next season is going to be great, with the White walkers on rise, and everyone after Ceresei, and the Iron Throne, I am excited to see what Jon, Khaleesi, Little finger, Tyrion, and Bran have to offer. I am sure it will be a season packed with drama, and excitement. Feel free to comment in the section below your thoughts, and insights on my list of characters, and what could really happen.

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